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Ancestry Dna vs 23andme results! (Alec Stewart)

Ancestry Dna vs 23andme results! (Alec Stewart)

Ancestry Dna vs 23andme results!


27 thoughts on “Ancestry Dna vs 23andme results! (Alec Stewart)

  1. Cool stat says:

    Bro the moores came from africa not the middles??

  2. alec is smart, I couldn't of said it better:)

  3. The One says:

    Hey dude did you ever do any research to confirm or deny the Spanish ancestry?

  4. dr2brain says:

    Iberian is basically Basque. The average Spaniard has around 40-60% Iberian while Basques from the Basque country have around 100%. Other than that, I got 1.2% Oceanian. I'm assuming that it comes from my Southeast Asian ancestry…

  5. channic11 says:

    Since when did the Iberian Peninsula become Spain only. A bit biased isn't it!! You mention Spain as part of your DNA results but you did not think to mention Portugal also since these two separate counties is what actually makes the Iberian peninsula and not Spain alone.

  6. you don't look southern european at all bro

  7. Don Padget says:

    interesting. would be good to have those websites or experts explain these differences. askenasi could also come more from Spain or north west Africa? try gedmatch.com for more tests. 23andme allows easy upload in privacy section. Jessica Alba has much Native Mexican perhaps Mayan. neat country Guatemala. I was there 1994.

  8. Livelive says:

    I think your Italian blood my have come from that ancestor joining the Spanish army. That is one theory.

  9. Is important keep in mind the huge modern european migration to America, maybe your european ancestor was an Italian, Italians have diferents DNA from other europe places, one of them spaniard, because spaniards ruled south and part north Italy during centuries.

  10. fi stla says:

    the 2% north african in ancestry is related to middle eastern, In 23and me they group north african and middle eastern together because they are racially related. And East asian and Native american are racially related thats why they group them together and thats why you got east asian.because your prior ancestors migrated from east asia to guatamala

  11. Ms López says:

    That middle east comes from your italian ancestry not from Spain or Portugal Spaniards have only about 4-5% northern african middle east whereas italians And specially sicilians have up to 20% northern african And middle east Also the middle east is closer to italy than to the iberian peninsula

  12. you do not know for a fact it is Mayan. It can be North American or even further sountern American.

  13. Alex Reitz says:

    Every 23 and me video I've watched has ashkanazi.. Hmm…

  14. Christopher Columbus was Italian so he brought Italians with him.

  15. Dee Boy says:

    This was such a mix lol mine was boring

  16. rajarr70 says:

    so, given that your mostly guatemalan, any thoughts of moving home? Please, no angry yelling, Calling me a racist or anything, im not even living in america myself, so i can in no way be biased in this issue, just asking for a straight answer.Im Swedish and in my high school class (equivalent name i guess to the Swedish version of higher school, gymnasium) there was a guy from Ecuador and he became furious when i even mentioned Ecuador to him… I just Think there´s so much homeland hatred going around nowdays in the 21st Century.

  17. Kelly S says:

    Thanks for making this video, even though you got interrupted TWICE 🙂 Did you also get medical reports from 23andme? (I'm not asking you to disclose those — just curious if they are included.) I too am adopted and want to learn all I can about these services.

  18. Just a correction, Northern European is Scandinavian. It's not British or Irish.

  19. …It seems you did! XD
    Really fascinated by this comparison. I'm glad to see that it helped answer a few questions that you had prior to your adoption concerning background.

  20. really says:

    on a blog I heard a guy say he uploaded his raw data to GEDMatch (its free ) and it broke it even down more .thanks for comparing

  21. Chocwinx says:


  22. You sound British -Italian

  23. Right away your shirt gives you away as a douche

  24. Sally Nada says:

    Have you considered transferring your raw data to the familytreedna website? I think it is free to do that and I would be very curious to hear your results. My husband was adopted and we are planning to purchase a test. We are not sure from where yet though.

  25. tenplex says:

    All those lines of heritage and yet didn't pick up the gene that tells you that you should always turn your camera sideways before recording video.

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