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Ancestry results from 23andMe  – Persian / Iranian

Ancestry results from 23andMe – Persian / Iranian

Here are my 23andMe ancestry results combined with BGA analysis and Principal Component Plot, from Dr. Douglas Mcdonald. The results show I am pretty much a benchmark Iranian. 96.1% Middle East, 1.6% European, 0.9% South Asia, 0.4% East Asian, 1% Unassigned
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8 thoughts on “Ancestry results from 23andMe – Persian / Iranian

  1. Let me break it down for you – unless you are an orphan and dont know anything about your parents, these dna tests are a waste of time. Only shows Iranians are as stupid as the other people taking the tests.

  2. Suren H says:

    JP Zadeh, you said your Y Chromosome is J2a-M410 and MtDNA is U7. That says your ancestry comes from Caucasus. This is in line with ancestry of most Iranians today. Don't forget, in ancestry science, Caucasus region is lumped with Middle East, but is really different than the rest of Middle East. Although both Middle East and Caucasus share the "J" ancestry for example, but Caucasus haplogroup is mainly "J2" whereas the rest of Middle East is "J1". For example, country of Georgia population is about 40% "J2" haplogroup and zero "J1", on the other hand Saudis are over 50% "J1" and zero "J2".

  3. mine is exactly the same

  4. so you are not an real persian

  5. Mole Fina says:

    oh nice . it means Middle East has more Arab Gens than Armenians….. Sorry not that Persian as we all mean that we are Persian!!!!! not all that persian is still Persian,  from know on we have to say ArmanoArabian maybe but 100 pro Not Persian  sorry boy ….

  6. Yo, please contact me here. I can help you break down your Genome so deep, that you'll thank me for it till the day you die. Excellent stuff Baradar!

  7. cool results, what were your haplogroups If I may ask?

  8. Yekam shabihe amum hasti. Great video man ??

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