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Anne Wojcicki at TEDMED 2009

Anne Wojcicki at TEDMED 2009

Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, talks of DNA mapping to deliver valuable preventive health info.


15 thoughts on “Anne Wojcicki at TEDMED 2009

  1. So neat, but, as per usual these days, we're paying to give them our data which they in turn turn around and use to make MUCH more money. Do a search for MIT's January 2015 article called "How 23andMe's New Formula: Patient Consent = $" Their deal with Genentech can make them $20K per person…Bummer to pay $200 each to be sold for $20K.

  2. Anon Ymous says:

    Am I the only person on the internet who finds highly intelligent women attractive? If I was an enzyme, I would probably be DNA helicase so that I could unzip Anne Wojcicki's genes…. and I'm talking about the process of breaking the hydrogen bonds between the nucleotide base pairs in double-stranded DNA and not whatever all you perverts were thinking about. ūüôā

  3. Faz A says:

    If too many people are healthy, and increase their life expectancy global economic engines will atrophy.

  4. ¬† ¬† ¬† Such a shame – this is a vital NEW resource that is in it's infancy and ¬†being hamstrung – the FDA had no GD reason to get involved. I thought the Health Report restriction had been lifted, but I guess it just allowed 23andme to continue on, but in some crippled condition while they catch up…¬†
          This is a classic case of Federal meddling, where informed people are trying to be Proactive in their personal health and are being held back by authorities guarding their own turf ( i.e.Insurance Companies and Big Pharma Lobbies), under the pretence of knowing what's good for us, better than we do.
          The restrictions laid on 23andme are a direct assault on the Freedom of Information Act!  How is this even legal? Worse yet, how is it being allowed with no one even commenting on it?  There should be a major uproar, there should be multiple Petitions circulating to be sighed on this and more on issues than just the one I mentioned РI haven't even scratched the surface !
            Has anyone reading this not had a family member affected by an Autoimmune condition that you would have given anything to know how to prepare for 10 years ago? And don't tell me no, that's just what the FDA is hoping to hear. There are dozens of "lifestyle" changes that can be made, if you know you are at greater risk.   I know I would. Why do you think Micheal J. Fox (Parkinson's Foundation) is a major indorser of this company? Think Big Pharma is threatened? You bet they are, and they know they're headed down a dead end road, (as long as they don't change their approach).
          But just because it may be too late for Big Pharma, it may not be too late for us Рplease don't leave this one alone, this affects you directly.   
    Please provide any links actively pursuing such petitions (as mentioned above) ¬†or tell me otherwise and I'll call Anne myself, and see how to proceed, I feel that strongly, on so many levels . ¬†Sorry for the rant, but sometimes it's necessary… ¬†– D ¬†¬†

  5. snowkid919 says:

    Can't wait for my results ^_^ $99 isn't bad at all. I just hope the results are accurate!

    I also really hope that access to all of this new genetic info can help these guys break some ground in regards to disease research and treatment.

  6. A great idea, but I think the reason the price is so much is because the testing equipment is expensive, and it takes a team of highly trained professionals to understand and input the results.

    You're essentially hiring a team of Chemists, Programmers, Mathematicians, Biologists, and Biochemists for $300 to know about yourself. If you think about it, that's not too bad of a deal – the salaries of these people routinely are 6 figured.

  7. I love it, I just ordered my kit and can't wait to find out everything.

  8. Eesh, nevermind. You're a Coast to Coast FM nutter. In that case, strap on the foil helmet because all them scientists are quietly scanning your brain with Commie X-Rays from the dark side of the moon. I'd stop them but my red blood cells have been replaced with tiny UFOs.

  9. @ JohnLloydScharf

    It's not a substitute for medical advice, nor does it provide you absolute risk. There's nothing pseudo-scientific about it. But you make no sense. Do you have a problem with the microarrays they use? Are you not aware that we've been amplifying Neanderthal DNA since 1997? Or that the admixture hypothesis has been repeatedly validated in recent years?

    Fuck me. Why is there always a commenter that insists that if they don't understand something, then no one else does?

  10. "3rd to 5th cousin?" 23andMe has no proof of the method they use is valid science rather than pseudoscience. It is, so far, like phrenology, biorhythms, or even astrology. That they say you are related one to four percent to the Neanderthal species, which has been dead for over 26,000 years is unproven. That they claim that and claim you are 3rd cousins with only 0.61% segments should show how their claims are driven by dollars rather than backed by science.

  11. The more TedTalks (TedX, TedWomen, TedMed, etc.) that I watch, the more disappointed I become with the so-called leaders of industry. They seem to constantly rehash each others' ideas with slightly different spins or apparently conflicting opinions, despite the fact that in order to achieve what they have achieved, they stand on the shoulders of giants. Without trust funds, none of these people would have done anything with their lives.

  12. Srknt says:

    Great presentation

  13. coolintake says:

    the 'stress' she gave her hubby about parkinson probably triggered another disease on lmao.

    good work on the website but 'worry' about being happy and the ppl surrounding you.

  14. J Bowers says:

    Why is she dressed like an adolescent who just got out of bed? I think she should show more respect to the TED conference. I enjoyed learning new things from watching this but found her image to be distracting.

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