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Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe | ELLExKLOSSY

Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe | ELLExKLOSSY

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⇩ More about Anne ⇩
A Day in the Life ▻ http://on.wsj.com/1QigOco
Wiki ▻ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Wojcicki

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44 thoughts on “Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe | ELLExKLOSSY

  1. CLTZ bb says:

    Isnt She The Sister Of The CEO Of Youtube?

  2. John Blake says:

    What happens if you just made out with someone and have there saliva in your mouth a d deposit yours a d there's into the tube??

  3. love your videos keep making them

  4. Vic Toms says:

    does anyone know the song at the beginning?

  5. Karlie, thank you for all of your incredible Klossy Videos!!! I AM A HUGE KLOSSY Fan!! <3 I am studying for my MCAT right now and always watch your videos during my study breaks! Klossy videos inspire me and make me so happy!! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. I love you so much. And your videos are incredible and motivating, please go on and never give up.

  7. Anyone know where the music is from?

  8. Annie Zhou says:

    I didn't realize until know that CEO 23andMe and the CEO of YouTube are sisters…

  9. tinostarks says:

    that's crazy, there's an NBA beat writer for yahoo, his nick name is WOJ,
    Adrian Wojnarowski

  10. JBILLINGS says:

    I can see why A-Rod is banging this chick though. She is very smart, quick and has an alpha personality, aside from the billions she is worth.

  11. JBILLINGS says:

    Supermodels clearly have the easiest life of anyone. They win the genetic lottery in terms of their looks. Get all the love, attention and support from everyone. Start their careers when their 14, and retire when their like 26. Marry a tremendously weathly dude like she will. Bear his children-Set for life.

  12. Kacey07 says:

    Interview people in the medical field please!!

  13. More of these interviews, please! If we could get one for every week to pump our motivation!! aaaah.
    Great job, Karlie!

  14. cool video.. the whole series thanks karlie

  15. This is my favorite of the many "withN 12 hours"around the clock. I Love the leather skirt of many stripes KK is wearing. Her eyebrows R so Klossy. I was trying 2 find sometsing bad 2 say 4 it is written: "Wounds can B Xpected from a friend." Unfortunately, I just wanna repeat every time I hear U say "Bad @$$" I wanna say 'U R Bad @$$' Godspeed 2U >>>Don't judge me 2 harshly, I am learning that people R just reflections of the mood they R N considering the circumstances & situations. U R 20 years younger than me so U have a long time 2 search & find & figure out what it is U want N life. Mizure Benjamin D'Israeli wrote: "Youth was a blunder: man hood a challenge; & a good ripe old age a regret." Mizure Johnny Cash song 4 the occasion: "Hurt" Which is originally created by NIN (Nine Inch Nails) Godspeed 2U

  16. Sir Chief says:

    Never seen anyone outside of my close family with the same last name

  17. KARLIE PLEASE DO AN INTERVIEW WITH CANDICE NEISTAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333333333

  18. Hi Karlie! Can you tell us what's the name of the music that you use in the serie? I love it! Thank you! And thank you for this very inspiring serie. 🙂

  19. I've done 23&me! It's so fascinating. What a cool concept–interviewing powerful women, for a youtube segment! Really sets your channel apart, Karlie! Great job. <3

  20. Love how she is so down to earth & accessible (for who she is) and also willing to answer all your questions

  21. What is Karlie Kloss's mtDNA subclade ?

  22. Lan Li says:

    This is awesome! A brainy sweetie who's literally making the world a better place by inspiring people <3

  23. Lil Dee says:

    Please keep posting often, I LOVE your clever videos!!!

  24. KLEJDUCHA says:

    She pronounces her last name wrong but I don't blame her since it's polish and she doesn't speak it

  25. Can somebody tell me the name of that song in the background?

  26. ana says:


  27. It's so comforting to hear such a successful person say they never had an idea of what they wanted to be

  28. Lia Warnke says:

    I think this is SOOO cool. I live in the Bay Area. You are such an inspiration! I love you SOO much!!!

  29. Mette says:

    This is just such a great video and you're just amazing. <3
    (Excuse me while I go despair over the fact that genetics is what I want to do and yet I'm stuck in retail 1 year post-thesis. Sigh.)

  30. Just stop shaking your head every time she speaks, the rest was great. Love you Karlie

  31. Just saw your Adidas commercial during the grammy's!

  32. Favorite Klossy video to date. Keep the interviews coming!

  33. Where is karlie from?

  34. Yaas! Klossy is back!!?❤

  35. Gosh, I love how everytime I watch any of your videos, I get some sort of inspiration and life lessons. I love watching your videos Karlie. I love your humble, positive, inspiring personality. ?

  36. Truly live says:

    I love this so so much! Thank you for always inspiring me to be a strong women! Hugs and kisses from Chicago xx

  37. I think I saw you today.

  38. This was awesome!!! Can't wait to watch more of these x

  39. Please do more content like this! It was incredible

  40. VampCoffee says:

    karlie still lookin like she 18 tho

  41. Emma Nanaj says:

    try that karlie and make a video

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