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  1. I'm Moroccan and I wonder what I am. I'm pretty sure I'm not as Arab as I think.

  2. DNA or not Africans are Africans and fake ones they can go back to Al jazeera and if you continue you filththy games its gonna be a painful road to disgrace for you.

  3. Very hard to negotiate with invaders cause they are cunning thieves. Really what's suppose to happen is kick out all Arabs from north Africa return all African to the continent. Stop trading with Arabs simply because they have cause a lot of damage to our continent, apart from religion I do consider Arabs to be very dengerous people in general. Came with Islam to enslave us literally and at this day an age there are the diggest threat to humanity, everything bad come from them, no wonder why God send them a prophet. The answer is they are creatures that are against humanity in the first place. Arabs should be very carefull these next 50 yes to come will determine whether the desert needs irrigation or not cause boy we Africans don't forgive and forget when the time come surely you will be reminded vividly

  4. Arab is not even race. North Africans are just a mix of Black and White

  5. iSuKOwnerS says:

    berber in the first place but obvious africans too

  6. momo abidi says:

    Am moroccan berber i get 72 north africa 10 italian 8 iberia 5 senegal togo 3 middle east

  7. All north Africans are culturally Arab, some of them are ethnically Arabs how hard is it to understand?

  8. nacer agg says:

    North Africa is amazigh

  9. Just i Tray with my englisch, north africa is not Arab, and saudia arabia, is not berbere ( african),

    In the WORLD , THERE IS NO like arabic peopel, evry think IS arabic, God IS arabic,

    THE arabic peopel are ALL the famille OF THE prophet mohamad, THEY are ALL Holly,

    THEY say is not ONLY north africa is arabic, BUT iberia too ,is arabic ,

    63, 3% NORTH AFRICA
    3,7% NIGERIA
    33% IBERIA

  10. post 001 says:

    Shit on Arabs and shit on Islam, Shit on Mekka and Shit on the Quran

  11. Those none black bereber are the invaders of black North Africa they are there since 5000 years only and they claim to be indigenous ?

  12. We are Berbers/Amazigh/Los Moros/Northafrican. Thats what we are no need to discuss

  13. LasT 5 says:

    I just wanna say this all of North Africa have eb1b1b it's just higher in some places, eb1 is found throughout the north Africa all the way to the horn of Africa and even in the upper middle east, Berbers came from horn of africa btw, and the ancient Kushites came from Babylon(Iraq)

  14. North Africa is not arab it is amazigh …. if arab you want go to the middle East there is pleinty there ….

  15. Those test will never be relevant as long as they give you regions and not ethnicities. For example Arab is an ethnicity and it's a clear information but Western Eurasian ??? What does that even mean ?
    Africa is a huge continent, African is not an ethnicity because you can be amazigh, Maasai, pygmy, that's very different

  16. Arabia and Egypt in the Eurasian region ????

  17. you look like a goat

  18. north africans are berbers …..arabs are black people like pakistanis

  19. Mona Biehl says:

    What do you mean "African?"

  20. This is some racist bullshit.. A continent has nothing to do with race. White people who live in South Africa are still Africans. America is full of different races, are we not still Americans, if I was to go to a different Country will they not see an American. But for some reason People from the top of Africa is not from Africa… Yeah makes no sense to me. Egypt is the oldest known civilization left. They have been conquered a billion time. That is why thier DNA is all over the place. An why isn't anyone making the case that Arabs aren't the descendant of Africa. Fuck all that Egypt is still still at the top of Africa, So they are African.

  21. U guys are Africans don't let anyone fool y'all be proud of who u are .Again the Arabs conquered the territories and claimed it to be theirs ,the British people who caved out the area n called it middle East it's called North East Africa ,the British disfigured African map by building the canal that divide Africa maps the canal is man made canals the Arabs stole the land n enslave our people . 625Ad Saladin conquered Kermit which now called Egypt. Hotep family.

  22. Djacno C says:

    BLACK EGYPT IS A BLACKS HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why, Ramses 2, Amenophis 4 and Sethi did not eat millet, sorghum or bananas?
    Why do blacks speak languages ​​different from the ancient Egypt and Berbers (who are white) and speak almost the same language as ancient Egyptians?
    I remind you that Zidane and Kabyles are whiter than many native French or english and they are real Africans !!!!!!!!
    It is shown that Ramses 2 was white and redhair! He was a pure African !!!!!!
    I remind you that the Sahel of which Timbuktu was formerly white. The founder of Timbuktu is a Berber.
    The blacks came to settle in the Sahel when the Berbers massively left the Sahel to conquer Europe (Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, …) and the Arab world (those are Kabyle Berbers who founded the Fatimid Empire and the city of Cairo).
    The Egyptian pharaonic language and Berber are identical and have no connection with black or Arabic languages. North Africa has always been white and there has never been a trace of black people in North Africa.
    The black people are and have always been the majority in black Africa. That's why we say "Black Africa". Black Africa is the land of the black peoples.
    At the opposite, North Africa has always been a land of white people. That's why it's not called Black Africa but WHITE AFRICA or NORTH AFRICA.
    The language and Egyptian writing as Berbers exist only in whites countries.
    The Nubians were conquered by the white Egyptians who later left Nubia to conquer other white peoples (Philistines, Hittites and other Orientals).
    Sallustre and the other ancient Greek or Latin authors have always described North Africans as being at their image. The Greeks and Romans have mixed with North Africans (which he described as looking like them )but the Greeks and the Romans have not mixed with black africans who didn't look like them!
    Without racism, black ethnic groups originally live in the bush and jungle.
    The Egyptian and Berber live in the mountains and in the desert.
    If there were black pharaohs, why, they left no trace in the bush and the jungle, the natural environment of African blacks. Egypt has always been and still is Berber and white! Egypts never been black but eternely white!

  23. Djacno C says:

    The white people from the sahara have move from the center Sahara to Egypt (just when the green Sahara started to become dry: there are many prehistoric engravings and draws that describe white people in the sahara (specialy in The Tassili in south Algeria= make a search in the web). Then, the people followed the Nil rever to the south and enslaved the nubians.
    As they are borderer neightbours and then live together, the white people started to melt slowly with black nubians. The egyptians and the other berbers living in black peoples border did the same.
    That's why some people from the white countries have a rate of black blood (4% nowaday for some berbers).
    But more you move to the North of Africa, more the berbers are white.
    For exemple, the Kabyles and the rifians are oftenly blond and blue eyed but they are pure africans and have nothing to do with european. But the european come from northen africans (the european have wite African blood= dna E1b1b).
    In the same way, black peoples living in the border of white african people have oftenly white blood.
    For exemple the peuls, the northen sudan people, the eritreans are less dark than the other black peoples. More you leave the North Africa to the South, more the peoples are darker!
    Kabyles are whiter than many europeans beacause they are pure white africans from the ancient green Sahara! There is no evidence or trace of a black people in Northen Africa.
    The difference between the white and the blacks is that all the whites are berbers. The few berbers looking like "Arabs" and the blacks looking like arabs are just black and white blood melt.
    The white berbers with black blood are offently frizzy, big lips and "flat nose " like the algerian singer Khaled.
    Northen Africa is link to white berbers blood : dna E1b1b !

  24. Its Ami says:

    North africans are african and arab im from morroco

  25. bikernvet says:

    DNA another invention of white people.

  26. You could really pass as North African Berber. Berbers do have Cushitic roots, because they are Afro-Asiatic, and have strong genetic Correlations with Ethiopians, Eritreans, and Somalis. Berbers are part of the Subsaharan African race, having predominant African mixed blood. Some Berbers having Blonde hair blue eyes, or brown hair green eyes look like White Europeans, such as Spaniards, French, Italians, Greeks, and Turkish. But they have light caramel skin, coarse hair, and some Octoroon features like Algerian prime minster Abdelaziz Bouteflika. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdelaziz_Bouteflika#/media/File:Bouteflika_(Algiers,_Feb_2006).jpeg.
    Most Berbers wanted to be White like Spaniards, and French. Berbers really hated Black African more than Brown Arab moors from the Middle East. because they don't like the Black African mixed ancestry they have in them, they wanted to get rid of it.

  27. Im Arab 100% from jordan and u guys definitely not Arabs just like the whole North Africa if u speak Arabic it doesn’t means that is u have an Arab blood even the Egyptian they are not not all of them for sure ..at the end we all muslims and we all humans sharing the same things ..love to all ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Bab Arr says:

    Indian ? Interesting

  29. D D says:

    North African are not Arabs , they are Berbers (amazigh) big deference— arab are in Saudi Arabia

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