Home DNA AncestorASIAN KID FINDS OUT HE IS AFRICAN! (23andMe DNA Test Results) *adoption confirmed*
ASIAN KID FINDS OUT HE IS AFRICAN! (23andMe DNA Test Results) *adoption confirmed*

ASIAN KID FINDS OUT HE IS AFRICAN! (23andMe DNA Test Results) *adoption confirmed*

50 likes = confront my parents on my adoption

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41 thoughts on “ASIAN KID FINDS OUT HE IS AFRICAN! (23andMe DNA Test Results) *adoption confirmed*

  1. Efren G says:

    anyone here from Shane Dawson?

  2. Dude 8 million people just saw you on Shane Dawson's conspiracy theory! ?

  3. c0uch 0 says:

    What's the guitar music in the background? It sounds so good!! Anyone know the name of the song??

  4. Gigi 711 says:

    I saw this video two days ago and i watched shane dawsons video today and immediately recognized him ?

  5. your in shane dawsons video

  6. joe smith says:

    LOL, goofy kid.
    Cute, tho.

  7. I'm not a boy, I'm a unicorn

  8. Im an asian with an african dick. So what. Not a big deal.

  9. Issa Clickbait folk, It's a Clickbait!

  10. I thought you had to be 18+ for this

  11. The reason why your brother got Filipino DNA is because the sperm who went in your mother’s egg sac had more Filipino DNA and your sperm had more Chinese and southwest Asian DNA

  12. T ESL says:

    It is not impossible looking at the Khoi San or Khoi Xan tribe of South Africa!

  13. Moon child says:

    Are you really adopted?? I am also adopted but i knew from when i was little. It's hard feeling different but to find out just now must be very tough for you. ::-/ You're a smart and nice young man, so feel proud of your roots…Your family loves you!! Adopted parents are very special and precious ppl..Don't forget that!

  14. Moon child says:

    omg you're freaking adorable…It's refreshing to see a young person doing his dna..Good for you!! Amazing results !!

  15. Yo all these videos blatant clickbait wtf

  16. Wait? What? He's not African?

  17. "50 likes and I confront my parents" LOL!!! Funniest thing I've seen on YT in a long time. You are such a youtuber!!

  18. vl2 says:

    Be nice to your parents or they'll get your braces taken out prematurely.

  19. TJ Yvng says:

    My dude you not us stay trying to claim shit that you ain't this why kids shouldn't be on YouTube

  20. Violet G says:

    I think you look more Filipinos to most of Chinese.

  21. joanne says:

    Ur not adopted, those tests are just bogey af

  22. LOlol you are the funniest cutest thing ?

  23. My friends say that I look mixed like half white and half Asian but no one in my family is white

  24. Jed Huang says:

    Asian kid with an African Soul.

  25. S M says:

    Unsubbed for clickbait

  26. willie417 says:

    With your lying little ass

  27. Ai A says:

    Disliked for clickbait

  28. Don’t you need to be older to take the test???

  29. HEY ISOY !!!! you didn't know you was part Indian but your name I-S-O-Y stands for (( Indian Some Of You ))…

  30. Kite says:

    click bait :'(

    still a good video

  31. Angel Lee says:

    Are you making a joke of African people by lying in your title?

  32. Long Lance says:

    Dang you're good. I saw the whole thing because you were so funny I couldn't stop watching.lol

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