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Unlike the presentation of my paternal grandmother’s Mississippi Choctaw heritage video; whereas, I’d had the privilege of personally hearing from her about our Indian heritage. My maternal grandmother died when my mother was only 12 years old. Therefore, I wouldn’t have been able to write in defense of the naysayers on site, had I done a video of her Mississippi Choctaw heritage before now – I think.
Deciding to get a DNA test gave me an approach I favored to make a video for my maternal grandmother’s heritage. The company is called 23andMe. Either my DNA will show Native American heritage within a reasonable distance past (3to4 generations)or, I would not have a hit at all. However the test wouldn’t prove specifically Choctaw heritage.(my understanding, a showing of NA ancestry is not the same as East Asian & Native American ancestry hits)
Either result, I had decided to make the video. I just wasn’t going to defend against those who were never going to accept that Blacks and Indians laughed together – even after slavery – right there in bigotry infected Mississippi. And I would still continue to trust in my grandparent’s spoken historical heritage, however it had been passed on to me.


37 thoughts on “CHOCTAW INDIAN BLOOD claim vs 23andME DNA TEST

  1. Negros trying to be indians be who u are

  2. thanks for sharing 23 and me is a lie. you must remember the "native american" was created the UNITED STATES corp. to usurp the american indian, so called black people, from their birthright and their land.

  3. george hudson was an pale face, not a chata…

  4. Funny thing is when I traced my Native American Indian heritage I found that the groups that were and are able to call themselves Native Americans and their descendants are mostly considered White Americans or tend to look more European. The Black American Indians are light skinned to very dark, mostly with Afro textured hair and are usually frowned upon and chastised for recognizing their Grands, Great grands and Great great grands as being Native American Indian. For the vast majority of Blacks, it is only cool to say you are “part Cherokee” if you are White American, otherwise you are just considered black and don’t know what you are talking about. This even applies when your family names pops up on the rolls just like granny or granddad in many cases said it would. The white cousins can claim Cherokee with no problems, even though we know our common ancestors were more black than anything. I think most DNA results are fraudulent because of unrecognized tribes. Probably because recognition means money will have to be paid out from the government. Blacks probably are the aboriginal Indians in many cases and the Native American Indians may be their biracial offspring with other asiatic and European tribes that walked on the same continent. As we are discovering, there are similar situations in other cultures around the world where darker tribal members are the Aboriginals and fall very low in society and are hidden to the point that they are not always recognized as being part of the group, but some how “were shipped in from Africa” and then later determined to be aboriginals. I have run into Native Americans that identified people being Black Indians and made comments about their Native American kids having grandchildren that suddenly come out with Afro textured hair and they just embraced it. I wish the hateful comments would stop between us all. We should love one another, I guess in a perfect world.

  5. Basically it's easier to say someone is Native American or the original 8 American if they're black and to say well my ancestors were raped by white people it's an easier pill to swallow the whole Native American thing so down the generations the story gets convoluted mixed up so sorry for the pill of Truth so basically your DNA test blue your dreams of Native American this out of your life so like white people who thought they were pure white when they have a little bit of African DNA or Jewish DNA they say it must be wrong that's a tough pill to swallow

  6. They dont even look Native American, you need to stop. Yall black people do too much trying to be Native Americans. Yall dont even be 1% and act like you're pochontas's great grandchild. You really need to stop.

  7. A lot of those test throws so Africa Americans back in Africa, don't check ethnicity on the form and watch they seed you lol… hide history lol..

  8. 2016stormy says:

    You are not very bright. You can't keep Indian features in your family if each generation had baby's with just Africans. LOL You have way more European DNA and yet you can't see any evidence of White blood in your features either. Your family features look totally African now, because your family only had baby's with African Americans. Taking your family pictures with them looking totally like Africans by now, and comparing them with Indians who have no African in them is like comparing Horses with cats.

  9. 2016stormy says:

    You just can't tell us the truth about Eulalee. You say she is part choctaw and then you say she is full Choctaw. So far, what I get, is that Eulalee is part choctaw because she obviously looks part African, so she is not full Choctaw. That means that one of her parent is full blood Choctaw and the other a African American. You want us to know that you are part Choctaw, so give us true details. What year was Eulalee born and what was the name of her Choctaw parent?

  10. https://youtu.be/JN2E3hs2ktM
    Do y'all not realize that these ancestry test are inaccurate and have variable results. Two identical twins did the test and their results reflect as if they weren't even related. It's been people who have done the test multiple times and each time received drastic results. Think about it our grandparents and great grandparents knew/know the truth. They have no reason to lie. Y'all should check out this guy Calloway. His videos may bring some insight. Skin color DOESNT dictate ethnicity. Also think about it. WhAt logical sense would it make to transport hundreds of thousands of people across the Atlantic back in the 1700 when there was already maybe millions of people already living here. That makes zero sense. Yes some from Africa were probably brought here, no doubt. But it is by no means on as large of a scale is HIStory try to portray. We have all been lied to! Don't believe those test and don't give your DNA to them. Please research your ancestry on your own. It's really a tragedy that the majority of us don't know our background and really have been brainwashed to assume or think that someone is "mulatto" based upon skin tone. Do y'all not realize the people who took census back then only decided what race you were soley upon your skin tone. They have done everything in their power to destroy it and keep it hidden. Only because of BILLIONS Of dollars are owed to us. The majority of us are THE INDIGENOUS ABORIGINALS OF AMERICA.

  11. One time I heard from a world war 2 soldier that when black soldiers were in Europe they used to say to the German people that they were native Americans nor African American. I think we should be proud of what we are. We are all humans, children's of god.

  12. my grandma also was Choctaw and her ancestors. 23 and me had me as African and British. No native American. Alabama. I know the truth. I've seen pictures and we have land on Choctaw lands down south.

  13. most black  folks aren't  wishing to be white . henry louis gates said this years ago.

  14. Dee Dish says:

    Not a drop of Indian. Makes the music hilarious!

  15. Your smallest percent is what you were 1st and not what the highest percent is facts people dont know how to read dna the higher percentage is the most recent this came out of the Smithsonian dna expert facts our base line is native aka paleo dont let them lie to you black is a color not a race what is it aka the real american indian

  16. This shit is getting annoying. Ok, blacks are the original American…. not! Get the fuck on with this b.s.

  17. Biggins says:

    The Choctaw admit that Chief George Hudson's father was a white man. I believe the Choctaw trace descent from the the mother not the father though.

  18. Very Indian features. The resemble Choctaw.

  19. lkpeace911 says:

    Im such a conspiracy theorists. Lol
    But Native Americans back in the day were VERY melinated. How is there no African blood? Do they want us not to be able to lay claim to land? I just think there is more to it. They have seperated the races but all of them lead to Africa.

  20. I am of Choctaw ancestry. I just wanted to say that the Native American actress in your video whose image you used for comparison of Native American Traits is my wife and she is Native American, she is Aleut from Alaska and is a professional actress.

  21. confederate south loss the civil war, and will never rise to own human beings again.

  22. oops fat fingering,sorry, of the Native American tribes who sided with The confederate south, they list the civil war, and made their slaves, freedmen. maybe they had zero native blood but were property, before the civil war and the truth set them free.

  23. laws and treaties with Americans, said that of the five civilized tribes who sided with the confederacy they myst free their skaves, aka freedman. they are legally via treatise freed slaves of tribes who were forced out of the south at the end of the civil war with Indian slave holders. I mysekf say America says your slaves belong to your sovereign nation but must comply with federal law, and free your slaves in your Nation. they r native by colonial law, but not American law…. sorta like settlers do not refer to themselves as squatters or illegal aliens. but settlers. who really defines?

  24. No direspect but this people do not look Native American….Sorry

  25. My family stayed off the Roles, Grandmother Ada Lee, Boon Arkansas, 1874. Meadow Massacre, Boon Arkansas wagon train, KIN, we count ribs vertebra, length of bone, eye color ,traits of our Ancestors, of the Blood, we took false names to hide who we were, I couldn't go to ordinary Dr. They call us Cherokee Grail. Blood Cures, the Learning, and knowing.
    Kept safe our mission.

    Last name substituted with place of origin, middle name real last name LEE . Maternal Society,

    Kin to BAD Water, can't talk may not post.


  26. I love when morons say blacks and natives did not mix than I leave Alabama and everyone starts trying to speak Spanish to me from Los Angeles to Laredo Texas the reason they don't want the world to know that many of us did mix is because with the so called Latino and Hispanic population native Americans are now once again the majority in the united States so they have to tell you we didn't mix but when you go to places out west and you see people who look just like you but are a different ethnicity you'll think twice about what they said also they want you to believe that Mexicans and anyone living south of Mexico are Spanish so they can enforce their immigration laws on us

  27. Mickey 12 says:

    When will people learn that looks mean nothing when it comes to ethnicity.

  28. What a beautiful compilation of photos! Beautiful people! The connection is extremely clear. Thanks for sharing this with us and ignore/delete all of the hateful comments.

  29. It does not mean your not Choctaw the Choctaw Nations had A lot of slaves and they Mixed with them the test only shows what genes were past to you by certain ancestors I say this because a lot of blacks have European Haplo groups but are clearly black and don't look mixed at all
    you can't even tell they have white in them but you can't help what genes got past to you and the crazy part is your child can inherit the genes that didn't show in you and might show they have Choctaw because the blood still exists in you

  30. Mickey 12 says:

    I'm not sure why many of these people's photos are being shown. Are they supposed to look Native American because DNA proves looks means nothing.

  31. I am proud to be a Choctaw too! My Grandmother; Velma Settle was a full blooded Indian.

  32. Why haven't you taken a DNA Test yet? That would answer a lot of questions?

  33. Pee Dub says:

    They look more mulatto to me.

  34. Rolo Kween says:

    The Truth is The Government and racist White Suprimacy Controls just about everything. If they can get away with bringing down Minorities then they cab Get away with Ethnical Idinity Crisis.

  35. Sentinel says:

    the Choctaw are an ancient tribe, original travellers from ancient Egypt. I believe I am Mabila, one of those ancient 5 tribes from Mobile, and will get tested

  36. No one in this video looks Native, not even remotely.

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