Home DNA AncestorDNA ANCESTRY Confusing mixed race RESULTS!! (23 and me) | SKYCHRISTINA
DNA ANCESTRY Confusing mixed race RESULTS!! (23 and me) | SKYCHRISTINA

DNA ANCESTRY Confusing mixed race RESULTS!! (23 and me) | SKYCHRISTINA

Wow I never expected I’D be soooo mixed!
so i did the 23 and me DNA test and the results are in…

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35 thoughts on “DNA ANCESTRY Confusing mixed race RESULTS!! (23 and me) | SKYCHRISTINA

  1. LeoFC TV says:

    your 100% beautiful!!!

  2. you are NOT jewish
    neither were your ancestral.because the percentagem is quite insignificant

  3. It’s soo crazy to see these broken down. I just received my 23andMe results and looking at the African breakdown of your results & then mine, they are very very very similar lol?

  4. Bejeezus says:

    They connect East Asian and Native American together. So the Mongolian i assume is ancient Native American DNA I assume. And some people have told me it's from Genghis Khan and his people. I got Mongolian as well and I assume it's part of my Native American. Genghis Khan invaded alot of areas in Asia and almost made it to Europe, it may also come through your Cypriot side. I think Genghis Khan made it that far.

  5. Your results match your looks

  6. She is 100% beautiful. That's one thing for sure.

  7. BlackiNews says:

    you just have to look at the obvious, Black hair, Black Eye brows,dark Brown eyes, full lips are African Negro features….The white nordic white race do not have any of these genetic traits non-whatsoever.

  8. Upload your DNA to gedmatch for free! Also do ancestry.com, most accurate!

  9. Beautiful Creole/Mulatta girl!

  10. icilmaa says:

    I wish parents would teach their children history then we would understand the many blood lines.

  11. Interestingly results – the Middle East could have come from either side.It not unheard for Caribbean’s to have Middle Eastern ancestry. It is important to remember we don’t always inherit everything because with each generation DNA lost. The Mongolian could be from Chinese or Turkish side. Asian and Native American DNA overlap.

  12. Wow! I just watched a dna video of of a girl who's half black and much darker than you but she's only 39%. Dna works in a unique way. You are very pretty!

  13. Tahnn Ju says:

    Kool results. I agree I dont use the term mixed race because its colonially outdated, derogatory and doesnt identify anything about a person or their background, especially when people are trying move away from the superior or inferiority complexes placed on them due to skin colour or tones. 'Mixed cultured' or 'mixed ethnicity' tends to conjure up a healthy curiosity that makes one feel more proud of your origins and is a more apt way of describing people of this world today as it identifies all of you not just 2 obvious parts. What is on the outside can be deceiving. thanks to dna the truth is out. Asians as in oriental and asians are very common in the Caribbean so its most likely your dads side over the last 300 years due to African and asian slavery. The english are rarely mixed with asian or African decent unless in the last 60 years as they didnt travel and mix at all.

  14. You're clearly 50/50. North African are a mixture of different races, including sub-Saharan Africa!

  15. Lol when I saw you I thought you looked half Turkish. No wonder your grandad is greek Cypriot.

  16. SRTS says:

    Well I’ve been told I’m 3/4 Turkish Cypriot and 1/4 Polish/British and my DNA GOT BACK 70% ITALIAN LIKE NO ONES EVER MENTIONED IM ITALIAN AND IM LIKE ALMOST 100% ITALIAN… WHAT!

  17. Such a beautiful & majestic blend. Newly subbed.

  18. io mio says:

    Well, islamics from siria took woman slaves from jewish, africa, asia, indy and all around the word,put them in their harem and mixed with them, then conquered for 700 years spain (iberic dna) wich share part of the sardinian dna (a particular island that now is italian end that is really old and genetically very unique and studied) and thats it.
    You are a painting of the mediterranean history and people…
    By the way, Sardinia is a paradise with 4000 years history, no earthqake,vulcanos,tsunami or twister, with a temperate climate all year round, no poison animals or shark and the best beaches of the world!
    Sardinian beaches are better then caraibi and hawai put togeder!:
    Come to say Hi!!

  19. I’m back. Omg we’re both 2% North African!! What if we’re related somehow? Lol I’m kidding. It would be cool.

  20. I’m mixed race as well & I literally got 32% black & the other white.

  21. You have a west Asian haplogroup… That's pretty cool u5a1a1….

  22. omgosh i had the increased risk of age related macular degeneration aswell ahhhhh!!! great video btw insta subbie!

  23. Learrrs says:

    This is so cool! I’ve been going back and forth with myself for a year or so now about taking a DNA test like this. I might actually make it a 2018 goal of mine after watching this video. It’s so interesting to learn about your ancestry. #YTQueens

  24. The Yusufs says:

    Wow this is super interesting. Makes me wanna try it out lol!

  25. SOOOO COOL! I'd be 1000% West African 😀

  26. KronixBB says:

    Yo Soo beautifull and cute :3
    Propz from Germany
    That accent <3

  27. French Gal says:

    Don't be surprised but your dad had to have some sort of European not all your mom

  28. A. Heard says:

    Thanks for the split screen walk through, One of the better DNA videos on youtube

  29. Mizosoop says:

    It’s your Chinese.

  30. Asians and native americans share some genetic traits. Many, many people from many many places to make up your particular gentic mix. Nothing about your report is particularly surprising. But, you do need to brush up on world history.

  31. That multi-ethnic is very possible from Guyana. I would like to see if the native american shows u

  32. Thanks for sharing your results. Also, there is no such thing as “mix raced” people as human races do not exist in nature. Race has nothing to do with DNA as race is neither a biological, genetic, or scientific term. It is a socio-political term. Human races were invented by the original white supremacists (aka Western European enslavers) to rationalize their crimes against humanity (i.e., theft of indigenous people’s lands and continual enslavement of Africans). It is easy to commit crimes against humanity when you dehumanize groups of people and tell yourself that they are a “different” kind of “race”. All these ancestry dna tests do is simply compare your alleles to various reference panel groups and indicate whether your alleles are from one part of the world or multiple regions. Nothing more and nothing less. By the way, the continent of Africa contains the most genetic diversity than ALL other continents combined. The San Khosains indigenous to South Africa are genetically closer to Swedish people than another indigenous African group 10 miles away from them…..

  33. Malik M says:

    hi! your results were really interesting 🙂 in my opinion, the dot of mongolian comes from your gp on your mom's side because the mongols colonised turkey for a long time SO maybe some mixing happened in those times and then the turkish ppl got in greece and then there you go 🙂

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