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DNA ancestry results from 23andme! (Is not good)  Parents from Colombia ethnicity

DNA ancestry results from 23andme! (Is not good) Parents from Colombia ethnicity

I finally made the video with the results from my DNA ancestry test.
Like I mentioned in the previous video. this video is a bit long…. ( maybe too long) only because, I couldn’t just make three different videos from the same topic. (well, I could have, but I didn’t).

I want to thank everyone that commented on the last video, without your comments, I probably wouldn’t have made this video.

In this video, I cover the Ancestry Composition, Maternal Line, Health Overview, Genetic Risk Factors, Drug Response, Inherited Conditions, Traits and DNA Relatives.
I also give you a summary of what I think of the test.

Because is a personal test, I of course disclose some family information in relation to the results.

If you do understand the different compositions, please explain it to me! I am not sure if 90% is my frequent genes or if is the further genes… or is it the other way around?! I know is more accurate… but then it doesn’t make sense, for the unassigned results.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you


21 thoughts on “DNA ancestry results from 23andme! (Is not good) Parents from Colombia ethnicity

  1. Jony G says:

    I understand your disappointment. I think there's not enough Native American samples and things will become clearer as more genealogy tests are done on those populations.

  2. I got 21% Europe West.
    12% Ireland.
    10% Scandinavian.
    2% Eastern Europe.
    2% Italy/Greece.
    2% European Jewish.
    1% Great Britain.
    25% Nigeria.
    15% Africa SouthEastern Bantu.
    5% Africa North.
    4% Middle East.
    1% Caucasus West Asian.

  3. pookymouth says:

    I was honestly disappointed in 23andme. I am Filipino and it classified me as "100% Southeast Asian". When I uploaded my raw DNA data onto Gedmatch, it broke down my ethnicity of Filipino (Malayan, Oceanian, Polynesian, Aboriginal Australian, etc.) which is about 97-98% in total, 2% Indian, and 1% African (Sub-Saharan). The fact that 23andme did not see any of the Indian and African is beyond me.

  4. Mari E says:

    you like indigenous and european. Makes sense

  5. lizvlx says:

    the different ranges (conservative – standard – sepculative) mean: …. let me start frmo the beginning.

    There are hardly any genes that point to a specific region in this world. humans are one race/breed/species, we dont vary that much by genes. BUT…it is the mix of genes that points to geographical regions or ethnic groups.

    it is like, to make an analogy, all over the world, ppl wear garments of all colors and size. but in specific regions, u will find that a group of ppl wears green socks together with red shirts and blue pants. so the pants here is a gene, the variant of the gene is blue and it is the combination with the genes shirt(variant red) and gene sock(variant green).

    so scientists look at the DNA of ppl from various regions in this world and find some gene mixes that are special to specific regions (not countries, always regions coz ppl have never stuck to borders and borders r changed all the time).
    let's say they found out, that 80% of all ppl in eastern europe have a gene combination a4b5h3j8 (random combi here). so now they test yr DNA. you come up with having the exact a4b5h3j8 – so they can match you to eastern europe (they will find other matches for other regions and this makes up yr ethnicity mix). BUT if you dont have a4b5h3j8 but a4b5h3 – you almost have a4b5h3j8 — so u are a close match but not a full one. so then, you could very well be from eastern europe, but it could also just be coincidental.

    if you go by conservative estimate, they would exculde such a finding.
    if you go by standard, they would include it
    if you go by speculative, they would inlcude even a4b5.

    i hope i kinda explained it.

    and if they cant determine where u are from, then they simply dont have enough data from ppl in yr region (where u r from) to match u with. which basically points to a specific native american tribe, i would assume.

  6. Still need more people. Give it time.

  7. Tommy J says:

    You have a HEAVY British accent

  8. The is a video of a man in New york who was adopted from Columbia and his name is David Beltran.

  9. Skye2224 says:

    I could have saved you the trouble: You're obviously Native American with some kind of European accent. lol

  10. I would have guessed half white and half Asian.

  11. I've done  the test and it's clear that the speculative is the most accurate. I am British, both my parents were British and I've researched my family history and traced some branches of my family back several centuries in Britain. The speculative gives me 36% British and Irish but the conservative makes it  2%! I know I have French and German ancestors not very far back; the speculative is 16% but it disappears altogether with the conservative. One of my 2nd great grandfathers was from India; speculative says I'm 2.2% South Asian , conservative, 0.3%. More people doing the test will mean more precise results for everyone. Unlike other companies, 23andme groups people into very broad categories: grouping British and Irish together and French and German together is strange for most British, Irish,German and French people who see themselves as very different from each other, not just culturally but physically too.If 23andme err, it's on the side of caution.

  12. you can upload your results to gedmatch for free for a clearer understanding, the site is yourdnaguide.com/upload-to-gedmatch/

  13. You could send your DNA, to DNA.Land test that would give you a better review. It's FREE. I wasn't happy with 23andMe

  14. you look native American it's a fact that Latin Americans are descended from native Americans from their countries I hope your happy with your indigenous results

  15. you will have a higher unassigned if you fall into one of the groups they did not have a sample set from. You can look under European, African ect what groups they collected. So you most likely fall under the group they didn't test. 🙁

  16. Dude they need more samples, i wanted to know exactly what tribes of Native American, it's too generic man.

  17. You can check the website from time to time moving forward ~~ as they get more samples, they will update your information. Since you've essentially purchased a lifetime membership for the service, it doesn't seem so bad as long as you continue to do your research. You can also upload your raw data to DNA Land and GEDmatch to find out more information about your Native American side. AncestryDNA also uses a percentage range but yeah most people just look at the speculative/summarized information. When I switch over to the conservative view on 23andMe I'm 59.2% Unassigned. I'm sure you're not the only one~~~

  18. Paul Brown says:

    I think your high percentage of unassigned means they do not have enough of a sample set to determine specific aleals for a specific gene group. It just means you are exotic and a very rare genetic combination! Yay!

  19. LindieLee says:

    There are several DNA tests out there, I wonder which is most accurate and concise…anyone know?

  20. The biological reproductive process takes one half of the dna code of each parent and with genetic recombination (2 ^23 making 8 million possible combinations) the evolutionary process makes an entirely new dna code that has never existed before, which means not only everyone is a uniquely distinct individual, but everyone is mixed.

    The concept of race is not only false but promoting haplogrouping is a fraud. The results of Ancestry DNA using haplogroups is a Hoax analogous to reading tea leaves or fortunetelling. A full gnome sequence has 6 billion genetic markers where they are trying to tell you who you are by only testing 6 hundred thousand to 7 hundred thousand genetic markers.

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