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DNA and Fitness: Josh Hockett’s 23andMe Story

DNA and Fitness: Josh Hockett’s 23andMe Story

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These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


9 thoughts on “DNA and Fitness: Josh Hockett’s 23andMe Story

  1. My husband is a weight lifter and runner, he has the fast-twitch muscle fiber genes too. I have the endurance genes. I enjoy running too, but speed is not my friend, distance is. 🙂

  2. Pathway Genomics if you care about mostly for health and fitness.
    Their is NO Ancestry results at ALL what so ever.

  3. Did you just do the ancestry or the health and ancestry test??

  4. Wow! I just found out that I'm related to the first humans! That's amazing!

  5. Kudos to Josh for his success. But….there is a major discrepancy here in the video: He either received a botched test, or there is still substantial room for improvement in the testing space of muscle fiber type. By looking at Josh, there are a few things blatantly obvious:

    1. He is predominantly a red fiber makeup (slow twitch).

    2. He is built for endurance and long bouts of sustained low-to-moderate intensity, not fast twitch activities or intensities.

    3. I am now significantly less confident in the accuracy of this test.

  6. Olehenry1 says:

    I also received the twitch-muscle analysis, but SLOW — not likely a sprinter/jumper.

    Au contraire! — I had been a sprinter, basketball player, and middle attacker for volleyball in high school, mos'def enjoying my first dunks at age 16 and only seeing a reduction in agility by age 37 (feeling those knee ligaments get sore — no more Vince Carter imitations!)… BTW — I only grew to 188 cm height (6'2").

    In my 23&Me experience so far, there's either: 1)lots of room for improvement of the current "analyses" or 2) much hope & marketing hype coming, given the amount of money and time spent on the genome projects already.

  7. Great to see Josh's motivation turn his life around. It's a pity more substance wasn't presented regarding 23andMe, it appeared superficial.

  8. For School says:

    Even more reason why 23andme should invest more in paleolithic diet genetic health research. Food is medicine and our genes can tell us where we evolved and therefore what foods we should tune our diet to.

  9. Awesome, inspiration, motivation.

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