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DNA RESULTS! | 23 and Me

DNA RESULTS! | 23 and Me

Me sharing my somewhat surprising DNA results from 23 and Me! Thank you Vetaliah for sending this to me!

Have you ever taken a DNA test? What do you know about your ancestry?

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17 thoughts on “DNA RESULTS! | 23 and Me

  1. Oof says:

    You should’ve choose ancestry DNA. They break down most of the Africa and Europe. And it’s overall WAY better than 23 and me.

  2. I was close I guess you being 80 % african. I like to guess how african people are on here. see you actually do have native American

  3. That .1% is probably only noise. In fact 23andMe states very specifically that any admixture less than 3% could be noise and not really true. also i noticed just about every black person is mixed with white, shouldn't that make you gray American people?

  4. 78% is normal for a African American

  5. Nia is so beautiful
    yall are goals

  6. Hmmmmmmm. Your results are surprisingly close to mine.

  7. John Dean says:

    What's your mt haplogroup?

  8. You are freaking adorable… Thank you for sharing your results!? I'm still waiting for my results and it's just fun seeing everyone's results while I wait…and wait…and wait lol I did Ancestry DNA (got a good deal), but dang, it's taking forever. Anyway… * subscribed *?

  9. cool results ?… I think I'm gonna use 23andme to do mine too… I like that they give you your haplo group… one girls haplo group was 60 thousand years old on her maternal side ? ?

  10. I just sent my sample back yesterday. Most of us African Americans average 70% to 80% Sub Sahara African.

  11. Ahora ya says:

    Logical being the U.S. a former British colony

  12. Can you guys do the duct tape escape challenge?

  13. This is so cool. I've been thinking about doing this

  14. The south east Asian maybe Malagasy ancestry. Thousands of years ago south east Asians via boats traveled to Madagascar and mixed with south eastern Africans and some Malagasy were brought over in enslavement.

  15. In the end you are Nia ,who is just a wonderful soul that we adore on YouTube:-) Tell Logan we want him back in the next video with you :-). I see he put his cap on the chair to represent himself "LOL"

  16. How much was it to do?

  17. I was thinking about getting ancestry, my aunt did it, but I don't have a job, so my family said wait till' it's on sale. I know some of my family background – more like all then some, but it's VERY interesting to me. My friends are all up on snapchat and Instagram while I'm on ancestry, trying to find family. 🙂

    p.s. My aunt's came out to 53% black…it's so crazy, and weird but, so cool.

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