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DNA TEST RESULTS: 23 and Me, DNA Land, GEDMatch, WeGene

DNA TEST RESULTS: 23 and Me, DNA Land, GEDMatch, WeGene

Check out my DNA results!! I’m so proud to be Chinese, and to now know of other places I may be from!!

Sorry for the iphone quality, I wanted to make this video right away!


11 thoughts on “DNA TEST RESULTS: 23 and Me, DNA Land, GEDMatch, WeGene

  1. Rebecca N says:

    Hi, I think your eyes are big isn't because you have any Russian in you, I've seen people from the north of China who is mixed with Russian(actually this happens a lot in the northeast of China, many Russian came over to find a wife or husband because the population in Siberia is really small), some of them also have smaller eyes or single eyelids, mostly is because they are mixed with some northen ethenic groups such as Monglian or Man people, these Northen group of people are Normad unlike Han people they don't have agriculture so they have a long history of riding on hourses and to aviod have much damage to the eye by the wind, their eyes evloved into smaller shape, and after Mongolian once conquered China, most of the northen group came to live in the north of China and paased their gene to Northen Han people and Korean, but they are mostly taller than Southen Han people, and Southen Han people has bigger eyes than northern Han that is true, but Southern Han are shorter in average and daker skin color than north people, so just so you know, your theory of having big eyes are probably wrong.

  2. K K says:

    Tubalar doesn’t mean you’re russian. Russian/slavic genes show up as Eastern Europe.. it literally means you’re north East Asian maybe Yakut bc you also had mongolic/Tungusic part. You probably had ancestors who lived in Gobi Area

  3. Tubular is apart of Modern-day Russia but i think your assumng they are white/slavic russians. They are actually a Mongolic people that inhabit that area and have for thousands of years. They do have some caucaisan gene influx as most Central Asians do but they often have eyes small as East Asians. Much of Russia was inhabited by Mongolic peoples. There are parts of Russia that used to be inhabited by Koreans and such.

    Southern Chinese and SE Asian have big eyes so….

  4. Before you started announcing your DNA results, I thought you were Chinese/Japanese.

  5. The most important thing is how many cousins do you have? No body seems to post this.

  6. 曾Akina says:

    Where in China were you adopted from?

  7. 100% Asian, 100% qt3.14 <3

  8. Yi J says:

    Smaller eyes pure Siberia Yakut people, they are Asians, not white, they MTDNA-C/D/M up, MD North East Asia Mongolia China Korea Japan most, this is because of their single eyelids. Your eyes are a little bigger, thanks to the genes of the Chinese people in the south.

  9. AYTA1010 says:

    You have deeper eye sockets characteristic of southern Han and some ethnic minorities, but still have the epicanthic fold from mongolian (most likely linked to your nothern Han ancestry), interesting combination.

  10. well 23 and me seem to have more east asian than south asian me (at least from what i can tell) so at least there's a larger testing group for you idk

  11. justicier says:

    I wanted to pause and guess Korean and Chinese. Guess I was right. Even though you are mostly Chinese, you do give a kpop vibe.

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