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DNA testing results (23andMe)

DNA testing results (23andMe)

i finally received my 23 and me results! this doesn’t show everything that the website includes, i just wanted to show you guys some of the cool things that i found out about myself :^)

this is my first video, i hope you guys enjoy :’)


41 thoughts on “DNA testing results (23andMe)

  1. Before you said your background, I assumed you were half white and half Asian and I was correct!

  2. This video in summation half Filipino half European.

  3. loved hearing your results! currently waiting on mine to come in

  4. Mr. Moto says:

    Those tests try to provide national ancestry compostion rather then racial composition. The reason is that most people don't actually understand what the various races and subclades (sub-races) are.
    I guessed your racial composition correctly: South-East Asian and Brunetic European. The aboriginal Filipino population was almost pure South-East Asian. The aboriginal European population was a mixture of essentially two very different races. The Brunetic European race is predominant in "Southern Europe" as the results call it. The Indo European race (light-colored hair and eyes, long face and nose) was predominant in "Northern Europe".
    The genetic differences between a Filipino and a Malaysian are insignificant, as are those between an Italian and an Iberian.
    The best single marker of your race is usually your paternal haplogroup. You'll need to get this from a male relative's test. Based on world history, and statistical behavior, I'll bet that will be a Brunetic European code.

  5. 0% British is surprising. It's hard to find people with that much Euro yet 0% British.

  6. Hai Nguyen says:

    I thought you were Vietnamese mixed with European.

  7. You look like you are 50% white and 50% asian

  8. I swear people in the south around here will ask if it can tell if you're inbred. Small towns down here are insane, i moved here from philly

  9. I believe that people do these tests, because they want to see if they are part of a race that society admires…at least this is how this video comes across…

  10. paulo c says:

    You are so boring…

  11. Nihilus says:

    Well, if your grandfather is argentine, it was likely to have an huge amount of caucasian… by the way your father's mom is colombian?

  12. Kory Mann says:

    You look like you could be my better looking sister

  13. Lol basically you can't be Racist because u have every race …

  14. Anna says:

    whatchu mean ambiguous​ i thought you were east asian off the bat

  15. Man you are one of the prettiest things I've ever seen in my life.

  16. Echo Ou says:

    what’s your lip color? It looks soooo nice

  17. I'd say half Asian half white or just Hispanic

  18. I tried out 23andMe this past month and the price has gone down a lot. Only about $70. The results were pretty cool – they connected me with some of my long lost relatives! I just posted a review on my channel 🙂

  19. Amanda says:

    I'm Eurasian and people always say I look Hispanic… or they think I'm full European. when I tell them I'm Chinese, they're always so surprises and think I joking. Wow.

  20. Ooh you have a little bit of Balkan!! I'm from the Balkans and I've sent in my test now I'm just waiting for the results

  21. Jada Mack says:

    Hey, how do you do the screen record?

  22. So exciting. They're analyzing my results now. I only know that my bio mom is Filipina. No knowledge of father. What program do you use to shoot reveal vid? I would like to do one too. TIA!

  23. OMG! You're like the happiest girl. Wow, the DNA analysis blindly got your hair colour and eye colour right!

  24. Your last name is Italian? Marcz? Sounds more Eastern European to me.

  25. Robert Yi says:

    The place these Chinese but actually most east Asians went is all of the Pacific rim. Example, in Maya region you find folks with korean heritage. Most of them come from illegitimate interaction. Most the full blooded long ago left. And now some folks would say I have korean grand father or half korean mother.

  26. Robert Yi says:

    If her mom was not able to tell her she has east asian heritage most likely her mom come from Ethnic chinese father with their Phillipina concubines. Most Phillipines that know they are from ethnic Chinese are legitimate. The rest that don't know they have east asian heritage they come from illegitimate births. Sorry that's the truth. Where ethnic Chinese went it's common to find folks that don't know their east asian heritage.

  27. Robert Yi says:

    Looks like not many posting but another person favoring their European heritage. Notice the amount of time she looks at her European then asian. She.glances over her asian data.

  28. I'm half east asian and half white too! Ayyyy

  29. She looks truly Asian lol

  30. Racial Ambiguity? Already though you were half White and half Asian.

  31. Yeah my Filipino friend says she has Spanish too…

  32. livii says:

    FYI people reading Chinese is a nationality and its separated by many ethnic groups. One being Han.

  33. Lady B. says:

    It's funny. Cause I'm argentinean n my bf is Asian n I always wonder what my hypotetical kids would look like. I'd be very happy if they are as pretty and likable as you

  34. She looks mixed, half North Chinese half South Chinese

  35. yea you say balkan yea im from balkan 🙂

  36. Ding Dong says:

    You can upload your data to other sites and get admixture result and matches for free.

  37. You're soo pretty oh my god!

  38. Rubellite says:

    "I am a light haired Hispasian!" Hispasian, lol, I love it.

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