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Dominican: Ancestry DNA vs 23andme

Dominican: Ancestry DNA vs 23andme

The ancestry of my mom vs my dad’s ancestry. Enjoy!


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  1. Isn't Christina Aguilera part Dominican? Because y'all could be cousins.

  2. You look like a black girl who I know ?

  3. I also got a lot of trace regions from Africa in ranges if 3-4% totaling about 28% but Africa North was listed as it’s own. My highest African percentage was Mali with 11%. 27% Iberian Peninsula and 20% Northern Europe and the rest were trace regions too from Europe, Middle East, Taino 6% and Ashkenazi Jew 2%. So mixed lol but loving it.

  4. I need to do mine , am also Dominican and they always told us that our last name was middle eastern, so I guess am going tell my only brother to do it , cause sadly my dad passed away. Thanks for all the information, very informative

  5. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? and also nice video….!!!!!

  6. Funny that the Dominicans embraced multiculturalism in a big way when their brothers across the border decided to stay fully African. You can see the advantages of mixing the races. Dominicans are amazingly good looking people.

  7. My Parents are Both Dominican's
    Europe 60.9% (Iberian/Irish/English)
    Africa 30.0% (north Africa/Sierra Leone)
    America 8.0% (Taino)
    Asia 1.1% (kazakhstan)
    Dominican 100.0%

  8. That music is annoying

  9. Black color is the most dominant. It takes centuries for the dark skin to shade.And there's tons of pale Dominicans who are mixed aswell as dark skinned Dominicans who are mixed
    .Modern Dominicans are mixed, but during the 1800s Dominicans were white and the only blacks were the slaves but everything change really fast when Dominicans started mixing with their slaves. By the mids 1800s every Dominicans was either white or free people of color (criollo)..The first settlements in Dominican Republic were White and most of them stay to D.R to raise their childrens and their family for generetions and generetions.And they were responsible for shaping up D.R and being involved with our independence and revolution. Unlike U.S.A ,Dominicans free their slave earlier and didn't have an Issue with the people of color .This is why now most Dominicans are mixed and come in all shades and every color. And Dominicans can look like their ancestors,typical Italian or Spaniard depending on what region you from. Today day there are some brainwashed Dominicans that are being taught to hate or deny their white ancestors when instead they should be glad and proud of their white ancestors .If it wasn't for our white ancestors Dominican Republic would have never gained independence and would be in miseries rn. First Government of D.R were white aswell as most of our heroes and individuals who help D.R rise. And once again yes also Criollo people were involved in the movement aswell but my whole point is to not stop embracing your white ancestors neither your black ancestors of course but to regconize our ancestors bravery and courage for what they have done to our beautiful

  10. M Natural says:

    Same thing with Mexicans. Mexico had a huge slave trade of millions of blacks from Africa into Mexico. Even till this day in towns like Cuajinicuilapa, Guerrero. Check the huffintonpost "Mexico Finally Recognized Its Black Citizens, But That’s Just The Beginning"

  11. +Nomada Sin Rumbo What if my daughter & I do it but have no one alive from mom's side of the family; except a sister (my daughter's aunt) but she & my wife had different fathers? No good, right? We are probably better off doing it, just the two of us. In my case, both my parents are deceased. I do have 2 brothers but that is irrelevant, am I right? And I have to say you're gorgeous. ? Sorry! I hope you're not offended.

  12. Why you didn't count your Asian percentage why? ashame of it? in 1586 hundreds of Filipinos started to migrate to North and South America.

  13. Jessica xo says:

    Great video and thank you! (Results begin at 10:53)

  14. great share and very informative! I'm Puerto Rican with red hair which my parents and grandparents didn't have! lechero lol! On the fence with ancestry and 23andme but want to pull the trigger real soon! I already know I'm a caveman without test so don't care about that.

  15. MyNycable says:

    Any plans on taking Geno 2.0 Next Generation by National Geographic?

  16. People don't understand that just like American is a nationality so is Dominican, Brazilian, Panamanian, etc. Each of these nationalities are diverse. Some are mixed with more Black, some are mixed with more white. I don't understand why people don't get that. Some of the people in the comment section do not know what they're talking about lol.

    I tested with 23andme and AncestryDNA as well. My mom side is Afro Choctaw from the U.S. My father side is Afro Taino, his parents are from Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Black Latinos. I got my first cousins to test as well on both sides. All of our test showed 70-75% African and 20-25% Native American. The rest showed very little things like 1-2% Middle eastern/Asian, Iberian peninsula.

    At first I thought something was wrong with my tests because they were kind of the same in areas but different in others. But then I realized that Ancestry puts all of Africa as one (Which is how it's supposed to be) 23andme removes north Africa and put it with Middle eastern. Also both do their admixture testing a bit different.

    My AncestryDNA showed
    73% African (highest markers were Ghana and Africa SouthEastern Bantu)
    21% Native American
    2% Asia Central
    2% Middle East
    1% Iberian Peninsula
    1% Melanesia

    My haplogroups, maternal is M32c (Madagascan) and paternal E1b1a (still researching it's original origins. but most Black American men carry this also many in South America.)

    My first maternal cousin (my uncle is his father) Y-DNA from our grandpa is Q1a3a (Native American). My paternal first cousin of course had the same YDNA as me, E1b1a. His was so interesting because his mom is Puerto Rican most of her family is still in Puerto Rico and have been there since they could remember, and his maternal haplogroup is L1 from Central and West Africa.

    My 23andme test
    Sub-Saharan African
    69.0% (58.9% West African, 7.4% Central & South African and 2.7% Broadly Sub-Saharan African)
    East Asian & Native American
    20.4% (18.2% Native American, 2.1% Southeast Asian and 0.1% Broadly East Asian & Native American)
    Middle Eastern & North African
    5.2% (3.8% North African, 1.2% Middle eastern and 0.2 % Broadly Middle Eastern & North African)
    2.8% (Mostly Southern European)

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  18. god created you, your not naturally selected

  19. Maryam Kim says:

    Great video, beautiful results and so interesting!

  20. Cleo Paris says:

    Which one is better ? I'm so undecided

  21. Amos Chika says:

    does ancestry show the specifit country in the region, like when you said west african there are dozes of countries there so i was wandering if it shows the specifit counrty because i wanna take the test but know the specific country

  22. Mr Quark says:

    I disagree regarding the speculative, standard or conservative options on 23andme, because speculative basically means they are taking their best guess but conservative means they are giving you results based solely on the science. When it says unassigned it just means that their database of samples is too small to assign a specific match. I would stick to the science only. Oh…I also used two different companies as well and 23anme was one of the companies I used.

  23. it was stated said they provided a few people that you may be related to but I just received my results back yesterday from ancestry, and I received no such thing. also iv been looking at people's results for the entire month that if been waiting on my results and everyone's look different. mine appear to be very basic and I feel jipped, as well as a bit skeptical

  24. Azavean83 says:

    I'm black but y'all brothers and sisters need to stop being obsessed with hispanics but to be honest we are related to the Arabs if y'all really want to go into history. hispanics don't give a damn about us most of them are not black just a few and they have a anti black mentality

  25. Moors are black African not arab.

  26. Had mom is 68% European so white?

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