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Dominican spits for 23andme – Results!

Dominican spits for 23andme – Results!

Video covering my 23andme results – with a silly twist.
Also covers my maternal haplogroup and neanderthal percentage.
Family is from Santiago, DR and the results are amazing and unexpected!

Los resultados del examen de adn de una Dominicana de Santiago


19 thoughts on “Dominican spits for 23andme – Results!

  1. I’m kinda shocked I was expecting more African but I’m not really that surprised because there’s lots of light people with curly hair who have African are twice as much as European It really depends on how powerful someone genes are

  2. Marc E says:

    That's actually normal from where you're from in the dominican republic. What's really surprising is your haplogroup. That's rare for. people not from Northern and Eastern African to have

  3. Jessica xo says:

    My haplogroup is L3f1b4a. Soy Cubanita ?? ??

  4. Ooh can we share on 23andme?

  5. Lol people saying why were you surprised. Lol I'm Dominican and I'm surprised. You look like your at least in the 40's range. But after seeing your parents lol it looks like one is half black and one is white.

  6. ese moreno es 100% africano

  7. Please share your results on this Facebook page for Dominican DNA results! https://m.facebook.com/Dominicandna/

  8. BlackiNews says:

    trust me, you would have never have nice pretty features if u did not have any african roots……u have to look Nordic Aryan with green or blue eyes with no full lips,no high cheek bones to be just White European..i said for years that 98% of Hispanics are mixed with black…

  9. I can tell you are mostly European descent, the only Afro features i can see is ur nose lol

  10. I Was Shocked Too??????

  11. F Leon says:

    awesomeness 🙂 great results be proud. ..I am Puerto Rican. ..mine came out 63% europe. .31% italy…22% spain…20% africa…20%native Taino…so shocked..but glad to know my bloodline..and yes we are still here we are native and not extinct. ..wepa…:)

  12. IamVee says:

    Pretty cool mix.. Got my mtdna, but not mich info was provided… So now am getting a test on both sides to see my mix as well.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. passius1 says:

    Very nice I am waiting for you results also

  14. be proud of your taino roots plant your seeds

  15. Alv Reyes says:

    Im Dominican(Cibao Region) too and I have the same % of European. I got tested in Ancestry.com and I got 68% Euro, 23% Afro(20% black and 3% North Africa) and 6% Native. Btw, why you were so surprised? You look pred Euro and those results are very typical for us Cibaeños.

  16. Juan Cena says:

    What type of results did u initially expect? The people from Santiago are usually more lighter (european) than the rest of the population.

  17. joe smith says:


    Dominicans are very mixed race people, most of them.
    Most of them have varying ranges of African. Low and high.
    Not too mention most of them have high mixtures of African, European, and NAtive American Indian. One of those groups of races may have the more %s. depending on what regions of DR your ancestors are from as well.

    Your African %s isn't very shocking to tell you the truth. Seen many Dominicans that are usually in the 20-30% range. Many have higher ranges. Also many have lower ranges.
    You have to remember, you have significant ancestry from 3 different races, that must be split up in 3 ways, varying among each other.

    BTW, I can see both the African in you and the Native American Indian in you.

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