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Ecuadorian 23andme DNA Test

Ecuadorian 23andme DNA Test

I made this because I haven’t seen a Ecuadorian DNA test on YouTube yet so I thought Id be the first. 23andme results came back in 8 weeks after 1st attempt failed and the second one passed.


10 thoughts on “Ecuadorian 23andme DNA Test

  1. I have a friend in Ecuador who wants to do this. Can he order a kit over there?

  2. Are you from the coast or Andes of Ecuador?

  3. I noticed you have 3.9% unassigned which is higher than most people.  Repeatedly on 23andme, NA have a larger percentage of unassigned that non-NA.

  4. Hey man my mom is Ecuadorian and I’m also half white I wanna do the test what you think my results would come as !!?

  5. I'm ecuadorian.I just received my dna test from ancenstry.com. I was kinda of expecting my results, but indeed were very interesting . I'm 74% native american, 22 % european, 2%black, 2% west asia.

  6. Hahaha you beat us to it, man.

  7. Sapa Inti says:

    nice to see more ecuadorians on here great vídeo ñaño

  8. purplecorn says:

    Very good to see results from Ecuadorians. If you are interested, you can upload your DNA data file for free to any of the following sites to receive additional ethnicity estimates and additional cousin matches: GEDmatch, Family Tree DNA, Gene Plaza, DNA Land, MyHeritage.

  9. Top Mog says:

    Thanks for sharing your results, Jeffrey!

  10. Gabe Stagg says:

    Thanks, my wife was adopted from Ecuador and she wanted to a kit as she is very confused as to what she is.

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