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Finding Out My Ancestry With 23AndMe (I’m Adopted)

Finding Out My Ancestry With 23AndMe (I’m Adopted)

I’m going to be finding out my ancestry soon! I just mailed in my 23AndMe test. Can’t wait to see the results. What do YOU think I am? See: http://www.23andme.com


47 thoughts on “Finding Out My Ancestry With 23AndMe (I’m Adopted)

  1. U look salvatruchas af tho

  2. 50% pipil 49%lenca 1% European . In Salvadoran conclusion ? .. J/K

    El Salvador ?? is a country where there was immigration from the Middle East and Europe a long time ago .And they mixed with the indigenous natives.Now! Salvadorans are mestizos?

  3. Bryan wolf says:

    By looking at my profile picture can anyone guess what my Ancestry DNA results are?

  4. Bryan wolf says:

    I think your:
    49% European
    48% Native American
    3% African

  5. Bryan wolf says:

    Lol he said 2, 3, and me it’s 23 not 2, 3

  6. boss re says:

    This dumbass thinks that in El Salvador they are all gangs when it has been estimated between 40,000 and 50,000 members of a population of 6.2 millions, you may have grown up with many opportunities for Education but the ignorant is not taken away from you. Greetings from San Salvador

  7. Cadi says:

    I don't know why you relate Spanish and Salvadoran culture, they are completely opposite cultures. The fact that Spain conquered America and spread their language and some other things doesn't mean they have the same culture. You can see the difference just by searching economic and social data from Spain and from El Salvador, you will see that they have nothing to do with each other. The fact that UK or France colonised some African countries doesn't mean these African countries have the same culture; in fact, they are opposite countries.

  8. Dude, El Salvador is the way it is because of U.S. intervention. This is according to DE-CLASSIFIED docs, former intel officers, and really every politician involved has been open about, sans their characterization of the relevant narrative. Other than FOIA, here's a starting point:


    You're welcome, "Noble Savage". That's 'house negro' for us Latinos.

  9. Cockertoo says:

    You look a bit Japanese and Scottish to me. I think you are Asian European and obviously Native American

  10. HI there! If I may guess, you have 32% Asian, 20% Native American, 28% Iberian (Spain) and the rest African and Jewish.

  11. You sound a little racist. Have you been to I have visited El Salvador and I love it. the people are great, loving and richly cultured god loving people . I think you should go before you speak so certainly about a place. PS you look El Salvadorian to me, most are in some part European, Native American with just a little African.

  12. Native american/east asian/chinese

  13. Mai says:

    You look mestizo

  14. Not amused says:

    dude, are you offended by trump called el salvador a "shit hole" counrty?

  15. I think you're native american, european mainly from the iberian peninsula and maybe some northern african and some asian.

  16. Dragonfly says:

    You mix Japanese

  17. I think your results will be 55-65% native american, 30-40% european and perhaps 5-10% african. the view you have of El Salvador kind of makes me sad. It's unfortunate you see it as a country full of violence and poverty. There is so much more to Latin America than what the media feeds us.

  18. you are 42% native American , 40% Iberian European ,15% other European 3% african

  19. I would venture:
    35-40%……Native American
    40-50%……European (mostly Iberian/Spanish, Italian/Greek, Irish)

  20. I definitely see some East Asian up in there.

  21. Midnight says:

    Hey, I want to say so much to you. I was laughing a little at the stuff you were saying but then I stopped. That's really disgusting that anyone would put stuff like this in your head. Your dad possible leaving you because he was either part European or had a lot of other wives. I'm wondering why anyone would want you to think this way. When people adopt someone they aren't suppose to make then feel like they are something inferior or worthless.Your birth mother, truth be known, was probably just poor and wanted you to have a better life just the way people in America. Yeah, we have all the stuff you put El Salvadorians down for and a whole lot less excuses. I just hope you are able to take a trip oneday and really see for yourself. God Bless you

  22. Midnight says:

    Hey, you look like Truth Martini LOL

  23. Isn't liking violence n power a white thing though?

  24. You’re 5% Native American, 5% European and 90% uneducated.

  25. You remind me of Robert Downey

  26. so Salvadors population is usually half European half native.

  27. girl sorry to break it to you but you look like a typical latino person.

  28. You look near-eastern ie turkish,armenian etc

  29. Before you talk try to read more about your origin country! I feel very sorry for you.

  30. Im adopted too and I just ordered My Ancestry I am SO excited for mine to arrive
    and I'm so happy for you

  31. white wash dick weed. spanish culture ? from spain ?

  32. azra au says:

    looking at you i would say u are east asian +jewsish and a bit of east europe maybe

  33. two-three and me or twenty three and me looooooooooooooooool

  34. L G says:

    I think you'll be 25% Native American 70% European mostly 34% Spanish 22% Italian. 5% British 8% other. You look Asian and Greek to me. You have Asian looking eyes, but features similar to Greeks. The Asian eyes could be from the Native american. People have told me I look Asian, and I turned out to be 19% Native American and 3% Asia Central on my results.

  35. you story touched me cause im adopted too and found my birth mother from lebanon and like you i would b very different if i had been living with them but i try to learn more and more about the culture of my ancestors, blood matters lol

  36. I think you have a bit Asian

  37. L dl64 says:

    I was thinking you would be similar to mine. European 70%, Africa 15%, America (native)15%, Asia 8% and other regions…. More less, Maybe.

  38. I think people are guessing to high European and low Native American. My guess would be 50%-60% Native American, 20-35% European, and 5%-10% African.

  39. I'll guess 55% Native American, 50% European, 5% SSA and other stuff.

  40. Delete says:

    Your eyes look Japanese to me, but I know nothing about Native American features.

  41. Ok i dont follow you but i am going to guess just based on watching the first minute of your video. 40% Native American, 40% Europe (28% of that Iberian/Spanish), 2% North African..

  42. Since you are Salvadoran by birth, here is my guess of your breakdown:

    45% Native American
    35% European (20% Iberian/Spanish, 15% other european)
    8% African (5% sub-saharian and 3% North African)
    5% Middle East
    2% East Asian
    5 % unassigned

  43. fi stla says:

    i thought you were Asian and Middle eastern

  44. My friends step dad is El Salvadoran and he's one of the nicest people I ever met

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