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FWS – Genotyping – My 23andme Results

FWS – Genotyping – My 23andme Results

In this video Myles gets himself genotyped and discovers something rather disturbing.
Your genome – which is almost identical to everyone else’s on the planet – is around three billion nucleotides long. That’s three billion A, C, T, and G but there are approximately 12.8 million placed in your genome where your code may differ by a single nucleotide. These are called single-nucleotide polymorphism and they are what we look for when we get someone genotyped – as Myles discusses in this video.

My Genotype – Bite Sci-zed

Animal Crossing – 1pm Orchestra

My Results

To the people who think this video is gingist SPOILERS!!!
This video is the set up for another video looking at the extinction of gingers.


29 thoughts on “FWS – Genotyping – My 23andme Results

  1. Are you related to Simon Le Bon?

  2. Your shirt is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kristian says:

    in university i had a science. class with 3 brilliant professors all amazing. scientists in their own rights .. all urged against getting ur. dna. sequenced because if what insurance companies might do with the info knowing. how. susceptible someone is to certain diseases.. and also the fact that now your whole family has no choice in tfhe matter but their dna is out there now too

  4. I know this video was made two years ago, but I wonder if read the report from the 90% conservative.

  5. genome typing it's funny as hell. why exactly people think it reveals the mysteries of their heritage is beyond me

  6. Very well done video. You answered many of my questions, and there was even a memorable plot resolution, haha.

  7. .."I'm kinda short and.. 'Rurh'…" Myles Power 2014

  8. 14 million differences.

    And rep that European Ginger blood.

  9. Nothing wrong with a redhead! 🙂 Gingers gonna Ging!

  10. bashpr0mpt says:

    My Ginger Minge and Me.

  11. The Ebner Effect. Messing with geneticists minds since……..earlier in history.

  12. FSEffect says:

    I thought the NGS platform sounded similar, and yep after checking it's Illumina sequencing. I'm guessing it's cheap because they only assign you one well? It's actually a few thousand pounds to do a full plate, not to mention the machine is quite expensive, so how are they making the money? Still MiSeq and HiSeq are the go to platform nowadays, unless NanoPore gets cheaper (that NGS platform is really cool)

  13. Awesome video! I always learn a lot from you, and now, I've discovered Alex, who is a lovely YouTuber as well! Thanks! 🙂

  14. bashpr0mpt says:

    My condolences, Myles. <3

  15. Alan Plum says:

    That's an awesome shirt. I want that shirt.

  16. I though that a will go to t and g go to c

  17. VIPPrimo says:

    Hey, take a look at this and tell me what you think  http://protandim.com/  Everybody is always talking about free radicals and oxidization and I'm thinking they have no idea.  Maybe you can help.

  18. hats the big deal about gingers ? i got 3 hair colors , blond hair , ginger beard ( scottish ancestry ) and grey pubes ! and i bet you really wanted to know that bit ! haha , i somehow had a feeling this was going to be a dig at conspiratards

  19. Myles!!! Myles! Myles!!! Help, help, help! Flipping anti-GMO's are trying to suck in my husband.  "Hey look a doctor says this on one of my favorite youtube channels!"  please watch and quickly address I know you beat this to dead gorse pulp! HELP  http://youtu.be/qY4W8Mh6uIc?list=UUzuqE7-t13O4NIDYJfakrhw

  20. James Bond says:

    Excellent video Myles. It would be nice to see some new experiments at some point.

  21. Ottmar555 says:

    Well, this service is not available in my country. Awesome.

  22. Haha in the latest veritasium video at the end the word 'doobly doo' was used to describe the description box …think you may have a fan there miles

  23. MystroX says:

    I miss "Everything is F&*king Wonderful!" Otherwise, another great vid, thanks Myles!

  24. Huh. I just realized those family names bear some overlap to mine. And I have Powers in my family too. Maybe I'll log in and see if we share relatives.

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