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Hangout with 23andMe: 1,000 new cousins! Now what?

Hangout with 23andMe: 1,000 new cousins! Now what?

During the event, 23andMe Ancestry Ambassadors CeCe Moore and Tim Janzen, and 23andMe Senior Director of Research, Joanna Mountain discuss what you can learn from your 1,000 new DNA relatives. 

% of shared DNA estimates: http://23me.co/GB6yAl
For adoptees: www.DNAadoption.com


12 thoughts on “Hangout with 23andMe: 1,000 new cousins! Now what?

  1. great information, very helpful, thank you.

  2. Im a woman and I'm thinking to test my father to see relatives from his side as well.

  3. I have 1 cousins EVA and Adam 100% DNA and 1 Columb in Ameryka 65% DNA

  4. Over the last 6 months I have sent welcome messages to all of my 1,000 DNA cousins. About 100 have responded. How can I contact more DNA cousins?

  5. is there a way too do a DNA test for one side cause my dads side is Italian and I'm really interested if were more then just Italian

  6. C Ebsworth says:

    Why is MyHeritage always asking for $.  I understood it was free

  7. Hug 23 says:

    thanks for this! helps a lot

  8. I'm so glad you're doing Hangout with 23andMe and hope you will continue. I didn't know about it until today, but am already a big fan.

  9. Are DNA test available for Brazil?

  10. I'm now thinking of testing my mother. I haven't considered this before. Thanks.

  11. Steve Paul says:

    Please excuse this as a vote to fastforward to any part of learning of direct specific ancestors apart from the dna relatives program in 23andMe or learning of Maternal vs Paternal ancestors apart from the 23andMe Sort Button that offers that differentiation.
    Thank you.

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