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How to use SelfDecode to interpret 23andme genetic test data

How to use SelfDecode to interpret 23andme genetic test data

http://bit.ly/selfdecode – try demo site
SelfDecode is the world’s most powerful SNP analyzer which can help you decipher complex genetic information, and determine the best course of action based on your genetics and symptoms.

During this webinar, SelfDecode founder Joseph Cohen and staff writer/editor Dr. Nattha Wannissorn, PhD molecular genetics, covered:

* Exactly how Joe uses SelfDecode to understand his own and his client’s genetics
* Key features of SelfDecode that you should be aware of to help you make sense of your genetic data.
* How to use SelfDecode to determine potential hacks, supplementation, diet, lifestyle and exercise program that are likely to be best for you based on your genetics

Disclaimer: SelfDecode is a tool for educational purpose only. It is not prescriptive as a medical advice and is not to be used for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

Try demo site and sign up at http://bit.ly/selfdecode


10 thoughts on “How to use SelfDecode to interpret 23andme genetic test data

  1. Betsyaida says:

    This video is the worst presentation of ones product… I bet you are loosing a lot of sales by leaving this video posted…. Is the red color a homozygous gene and a downward arrow indicating it's headed in the wrong direction if for instance if you are looking at substances and a SNP… it's not clear because it isn't fully explained and when the ladies asked you basically cut them off and answered with a tone that called her stupid. SMH

  2. This is a really poor presentation, the speaker is using "SNIPS" like everyone watching will know what that is and means. His flow through the material looks very "jagged" as if he is creating the presentation and this is one of the videos to be used to build the final product. Poor presentation with poor solid conclusions and understanding points presented for the general population who would spend the time to watch this. I watched the presentation on Strategene and it was much more definitive.

  3. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think the male narrator should check his SNPs to see if he has an expressive language disability. I've never heard anyone struggle with articulation like this….it was painful. Moreover, I now have vertigo from the narrator vacillating all over the screen with the cursor. The good news is that I'm still going to purchase it and try to use it….

  4. OMG!  I was about to buy this– But, now I'm just not sure… I'm pretty sure I can't follow anything in this video; clear as MUD.  What a shame

  5. wheaticus says:

    I just purchased the individual basic package, lots of incredible information available! However, I couldn't sit through the video as much as I wanted to. I think to better understand the ideal investigative workflow, It would be useful to just stick to one specific ailment as an example, instead of speaking broadly which just clicks and jumps around the site. It would be great if they would redo this video in deliberate manner (not in a live presentation setting).

  6. Please redo this video!

  7. HeaviestD says:

    Well, that wasn't a cluster-fuck of confusion at all, was it?

  8. Good god, can this guy please try to speak a whole sentence before starting another one and just stop to erratically jump around with the cursor constantly opening and closing windows? It's really hard to follow what he is trying to say when he constantly changin the subject without to finish the last one.

  9. you're kidding. its all ready so cheap

  10. i'd like to see a light version for like 5 usd…

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