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I TOOK A DNA TEST – 23andMe Results

I TOOK A DNA TEST – 23andMe Results

Hey guys! I just got my 23 and me DNA and ancestry results back, and I just wanted to share them with you! I hope you all enjoy watching!
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Traits Results 7:38

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35 thoughts on “I TOOK A DNA TEST – 23andMe Results

  1. Keen Rays says:

    What year did you came to America, because you don’t have a European Accent at all.

  2. I'm 2% Native American how many generations ago was the full Native American

  3. You look German to me and I can see the Swedish a little bit .. you are beautiful thanks for sharing your results oh and your eyes are green not blue and your hair is dark blonde

  4. Hani Naz says:

    your eyes colour are beautiful blueish

  5. Will Zalez says:

    23 and me sucks… they always have a ridiculous chunk of dna like 25%+ that is unassigned.

  6. The eyes are not blue or green, they are grey.

  7. Cutie you look like your eyes mix with blue and green

  8. Marisol there is not such thing a Chilean DNA. All people in the new world are descendent of Spanish people from Spain white European and those people Spanish have DNA from all over the rest of the European countries.

    Now the only natives Indians aka natives Americans are decent of Asians countries people . They been here way before any European set foot on this new lands. is 2018 and yet people still so ignorant about the natives of the so called New world.

  9. vally128 says:

    How did it take to get the results

  10. MsClarinut says:

    Chilean will not be a thing on this test. It will show as a combo of Native American and/or Iberian.

  11. Dav RoZ says:

    The color of your eyes are awesome.

  12. PilsPlease says:

    I'm basically straight Irish/Norwegian but somewhere between my 4th-5th Great Grandparent Range someone was West African. Still investigating that.

  13. You get different amounts of DNA from your parents and so on. If you have siblings they have varying amounts than yourself. Hence why you can have a red hair and black hair sibling when you are blonde. Only identical multiples have same DNA make-up. Most South American people have varying amounts of Iberian, Asian and Native American DNA because of migration patterns. Don't think you will ever find someone that has "Chilean" results.

  14. jay23cr says:

    If you're mom was phre chilean, she would have been Inca, like Emperor Cuzco… But if people in Chile today are not 100% native looking, is because they have ancestors who came from Spain, hence the language and the Iberian ancestry… Makes sense…

  15. I got mine 3 weeks ago. I am
    64% West African
    26% European Britsh Irish, Scandinavian
    0.8% South Asian
    0.1% Native American
    <0.1 Oceanic?

  16. Rainy says:

    This is so cool.

  17. olg06 says:

    Some of the "native american/east asian" could also come from your scandinavian/Easter european ancestry not just the Chilean. There is full russian woman dna test vdo on youtube called momondo project that shows these result admixture

  18. ULGMX says:

    majority of DNA is Atlantic Asian

  19. Shauna R. says:

    I think you look half Swede & half English with some Spanish. I would just say your hair is bronde lol and your eyes are blue-green. Spaniards are usually admixed with other groups to begin with (Italians, British/Irish, Germans, etc.). Northwestern Europeans are quite similar to each other, so it can be difficult to distinguish (especially Germans, English, Dutch, etc.)

  20. You should do the National Geographic Geno 2.0 DNA Test. It is the most accurate of all DNA testing companies, and can trace your ancestry going back to 10,000 years ago. 23andme tests your DNA only going back 317 years ago. I take DNA test results from Ancestry.com, My Heritage DNA, and 23andMe all with a grain of salt. You'll be surprised what ethnicites you'll have in you if you do the National Geographic Geno 2.0 DNA Test. I know I was surprised. Who would of thought that some of my European Genome comes from Northeastern Europe (Finland).

  21. Maestro K says:

    Spain is not in south america my friend. Spain is in Europe.

  22. Grün… Did the test give you your Neanderthal traits?

  23. Well you are cute as a BUTTON!!!!??

  24. Så, du talar svenska? För mig ser du lite slavisk ut blandat med finskt.

  25. the spainards colonized Chile didnt they? Some spainard must have had a baby while he was supposed to be supervising the gold and silver mines in the 15-1600's! lol!

  26. Blue, it's the eyeshadow!!! It specifically for blue eyed girls it makes the colour pop, I wear shades like this EVERYDAY!!!! If you want green eyes, call them green!!!! ?

  27. You have chubby cheeks.

  28. Ancestry will never tell you , you have ancestry from a Latin American or a North American countries.They will either tell you Native American , European , African descent or a mix.

  29. Daisy Wong says:

    the 5% native american/east asian can very well be Asian from the Swedish, Finnish side. there is Lapp/Saami blood among Scandinavians, esp more so among Finns. Those people are related to Siberians and Eskimos of Russia but mixed with a lot of Nordic white blood as they moved into Europe back then

  30. Chile has a lot of German people, so that would be included in the general Western Europe. So you don't have to be very surprised about that French and German. It's in the western European, they just couldn't pinpoint it. Plus that Iberian and Native American inheritance, and there is the Chilean line. Don't know what else she could have 🙂 But if you get 50 percent with those, well there it would seem to be.

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