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I Tried an Ancestry DNA Kit from 23andme & I’m Sharing my Results

I Tried an Ancestry DNA Kit from 23andme & I’m Sharing my Results

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I Tried an Ancestry DNA Kit from 23andme. For those of you who don’t know, 23andme offers a home dna test so that you can essentially spit into a tube and mail it off to get the results. It takes about 6 weeks or so to find out the results. I chose to get the Health + Ancestry Service for $199, but you can get just the Ancestry Service for $99. II came back negative for all 41 Carrier Status reports, which was good to hear. In the video I talk about some of the traits it says I’m likely to have or not have. For example, the results said that I had a 68% chance to have light blonde to light brown hair. My natural hair color is very close to black. so I’m in that 32% chance for dark hair. I also had a 99% chance to not have red hair. In the video, you can actually see the natural color of my roots because the semi-permanent black dye that I used has all washed out. My natural hair color is actually darker than my husband’s hair, and his hair is pretty dark too! I was surprised by some of my ancestry results!




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This is not a sponsored video. I bought the 23andme test myself.

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47 thoughts on “I Tried an Ancestry DNA Kit from 23andme & I’m Sharing my Results

  1. You and I have the same Haplogroup! T1A1! Yay!!

  2. Ashley B. says:

    I've always considered doing this! Seems so interesting

  3. Heyyy, Jewish lass! 🙂

  4. I did do 23 and me and it mostly confirmed what I was told by parents. Over 96% Ashkenazi with a little Eastern European thrown in (and suprisingly a tiny bit of middle eastern…or maybe not so surprising). And lucky me I'm more likely to be above average weight.

  5. I would love to try this!

  6. Hi Courtney I Hope That All is Well With You Today, it's Dark & Dreary Here Today! I'm Glad to Hear Your Thoughts on the Ancestry Kit From 23andMe Because I Have Seriously Been Considering Ordering a DNA Kit for Me So I Can Learn More About My Background Because I Honestly Don't Know a Whole Lot About My Ancestry! I Know That it's a Little Pricey for One of These DNA Kits But I'm So Curious About My Heritage That I'm Willing to Save Up Some Money to Have This Done! What's Funny is You & I Have a Lot of the Same Features Like Fair Skin, Dark Hair, & Light Eyes So I Wonder if Our Nationality Might Be Similar! Anyways Thanks Again for Sharing Courtney, You Always Have Such Interesting Posts! Have a Beautiful Weekend My Friend! – Jana P.S. I Love Ray's Shirt, I Want it!

  7. rust hawk says:

    Tell Ray he should make an appearance more often. You guys are a cute couple! I am not sure about the food recommendations but I do find the genetic lineage stuff fascinating.

  8. I so want to do this!!

  9. So cool! I would love to do this ?

  10. we did the ansestory starting on my daughter I'm glad I only did one of us at a time cause there's a lot to understand

  11. I've seen a lot of these vids & it's interesting how most people have some European Jew. But the percentage is usually not as high as yours. Most of the time it's around 2 percent

  12. I want to do that test… :,c
    That`s the only thing why i hate live in Argentina.. no 23ancestry and dna ancestry here 🙁

  13. You're lips are cute! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I definitely want to do this! My paternal grandfather was adopted and I've always been curious to see what surprises that brings. I'm also half-Vietnamese so it'll be cool to see if that's the biggest percentage in my results.

  15. It must suck if you get these back and you realize you aren't who you thought? lol. I want to get mine done someday, supposedly I'm French, Irish, English, Polish, Ukrainian and Native. I'm not that close with my dad's side of the family so I don't know everything about their nationalities besides Polish, Ukrainian, French and Native. I believe I have mostly French out of all of them since it's on both side's.

  16. Erica Doom says:

    This is way cooler than I expected! Def want to try this out in the future. <3

  17. Daena O. says:

    waves to Ray

    I really want to get this done. It's all fascinating — I didn't know sneezing due to sunlight was genetic! I do that any time I go outside and it's really bright out.

  18. I'd love to do it! I know a lot about my side of the family…my husband not so much

  19. I sneeze when I eat dark chocolate!

  20. How sweet to see you both together! 😉

  21. Polarbelle says:

    It's amazing how much information this gives. I'd love to do it.

  22. That was very interesting!! Thanks for sharing!! ?

  23. This was so cool! So nice to see Ray, too! I doubt I'd ever get my husband to join me on camera!!! I chuckled at the "you're likely to have very fair skin" well, you don't say! Haha

  24. Super interesting! I want to do it now!

  25. Definitely interesting to learn about. I saw someone on FB comment on the Ashkanzi Jew percentage and I didn't agree with her because I thought she was stereotyping what people look like. We all have a percentage of something in our ancestry that we wouldn't expect. I think this would be fun to try even though I know my immediate ancestors were from Russia but where before that?

  26. Kate K says:

    This is such a cool thing to do!

  27. Luna says:

    What is your husband's ancestry, Phyrra? I didn't know the reports were so detailed!

  28. My sister did hers and we are 44% German which we pretty much already knew but we are also 23% Welch and British. Interesting stuff!

  29. How interesting! I've been seriously digging into my family history for a little over a year now. I've only done the DNA through Ancestry though. That test doesn't get into physicality or health but I still find it so amazing to learn where you come from!

  30. I'd like to point out that even though 23andme classifies Ashkenazi Jewish as a "European" ethnicity, Ashkenazi Jewish dna mostly traces itself to the Levant and they're more closely related to Levantine peoples than they are to Europeans. There is European influence in Ashkenazi Jewish dna, but it's mostly Southern European. http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/study-finds-close-genetic-connection-between-jews-kurds-1.75273 https://mobile.nytimes.com/2010/06/10/science/10jews.html?referer=https://en.m.wikipedia.org/

  31. great results. do you still have the Razer Blade?

  32. This was really interesting and congratulations on not having back hair!

  33. Ear wax is super important to Koreans. The more you know…

  34. Neanderthal is GOOD! Congrats on your wonderful origins! ???

  35. Puglove 89 says:

    I love rays shirt…

  36. SarahJane says:

    I would love to do this. There's also a place you can take these results and get a report on likely medical stuff you may deal with. I will have to find where I wrote that down. My therapist told me about it. This is really cool. 😉 Glad you don't have back hair! lol

  37. very interesting!! i want mine done now lol

  38. That's some random shit in there. Haha! So much fun!

  39. OMG youre like my spirit animal! I've been really contemplating this for a few months now

  40. Super interesting Phyrra. Wow, so funny the details it covers, such as ear wax lol!!!

  41. Sarah L. says:

    This is so cool!! I'm waiting right now from results from my heritage to find out if I have any surprises. It's not nearly as in depth as this was though.

  42. i soo wanna do this.my bio dad is 100%alaskan native&ive always gotten "are you mexican" or people thinking im asian..my moms side she says is swedish&german so it be intresting to see the results,mabey prove or disprove my husbands theory on how alaskan natives came about (people from asia coming across land bridge&having babies with natives&getting stuck on the way back home?)

  43. LabNYorkie says:

    My parents did the one from Ancestry.com. It's interesting.

  44. This was awesome, thanks for sharing!! Some of those results are very, strangely specific! I really want to do this… my grandmother did a lot of genealogy research on our family back in the 90s before the internet was widespread. She did it all through the library and written correspondence with distant relatives. From what I know of her research, I would also likely be high percentages of British/Irish/French/German… however, that's just from my mom's side! My dad's side is eastern European, but it would be neat to know from which regions specifically since so much changed geographically after WWI and WWII. Anyway, thanks again for posting your results… this might be the push I needed to get mine done!

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