Home DNA AncestorIce Poseidon Does The Ancestry DNA Test & He’s 2% AFRICAN!! *Calls His Parents* | Highlights
Ice Poseidon Does The Ancestry DNA Test & He’s 2% AFRICAN!! *Calls His Parents* | Highlights

Ice Poseidon Does The Ancestry DNA Test & He’s 2% AFRICAN!! *Calls His Parents* | Highlights

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42 thoughts on “Ice Poseidon Does The Ancestry DNA Test & He’s 2% AFRICAN!! *Calls His Parents* | Highlights

  1. G B says:

    Can’t handle being Jewish lol

  2. Holy shit Ice Poseidons mum is just as dumb as he is, Jews are both a race and a religion.. stuff can be two things lol.

  3. Dummy Jewish is a race but you can be converted into their religion if you choose and you are definitely Jewish look at your features nigga LOL

  4. You are a sephardic jew ethnically. Jewish dna exists though the isolation of the communities over many generations you moron

  5. Azekanazi jewish is a race

  6. To be honest you look Arab and middle eastern you don't have typical American white features

  7. Maka Ayan says:

    North Africans can't say n*gger!

  8. Dilly NL says:

    Called it he's a kike

  9. Europe East
    Iberian Peninsula
    Native American
    Europe West
    Europe South
    Great Britain
    European Jewish
    Middle East
    < 1%

  10. I’m 2% European Jewish anyone know that the equivalent is of that by ancestor ?

  11. Jepry Tu says:

    He Jews and Arab lol

  12. "your nose is proof that you're jewish" XDDD lmfaooo he got him upset. XDDDDD

  13. north africans are mostly muslim and orginate from middle east.

  14. Why do people not know that there is a Jewish race???

  15. I am ROSSO says:

    This man is fucking retarded

  16. Now he can say Im a nigga from the waist down

  17. Jewish is a race and a religion. You don't have to have Jewish ancestry to follow the Jewish religion. You don't have to follow the Jewish religion if you have the Jewish race.

  18. north african is not black lol stupid kids

  19. Fucking look at Romanian kingdom and this all makes sense wtf

  20. 27% Jewish.. it explains the nose

  21. Thefire says:

    So basicly, he is 14% from the middle east(5% middle easterner + 9% cacasus) 27% jewish, 2 % african, and the rest spanish and italian. Not way that is white.

  22. Thefire says:

    Actually his 15%¤ from the middle east. Cacasus is in the middle east. damn i just lost brain cells watching this video. "I am only 9% caucasian, jew is not a race. how the hell am 2 % african" Jesus christ, they never teach history in the US or what?

  23. Autism… They check your ethnicity through your genes and dna, similarly to a forensic. And by law of evolution you pass down certain DNA 'marks' through the family tree

  24. Slothy says:

    Ices real dna is 100% cx

  25. Kyle Craig says:

    ICE is sniffing like he just railed two lines of adderall… Probably should google how much it takes to O.D. HA!

  26. these fucking retards lmao. jewish is a race and the African probably came into play because of Europe raping the entire continent

  27. jew is a race look it up they are the israelites

  28. Hold on do people think if your part African youre black?? oml you have to be black to be black, a lion could live in a jungle doesnt mean its a tiger.

  29. Snap Feed says:

    "That's not a nationality, that's a religion." Paul's mother tried to be smart here, but she probably does not know that nationality has nothing to do with ethnicity. Nationality is citizenship in a country, which, like religion, has nothing to do with genetics.

  30. starburst says:

    According to ancestry, I to am 2% African, 0.1% Chinese, 0.1% Jewish, ~10% Native American, and about 85-88% white, I literally can’t be racist, I have an excuse for everything, I can say whatever the hell I want and I can always bring up that 25th great uncle from the 500’s

  31. Most white people are 1-10% black.

  32. guys is ancestry.com legit or not? Not sure cuz of this video but I'd like to know if it's worth trying

  33. 100% Bavarian phenotype right here

  34. I’ve never seen a more uneducated video in my entire life…..

  35. It's shocking how many people think being Jewish is only a religion and not a Race.

  36. this guy's and his mum is stupid lol "Jewish is a religion"

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