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Is Jack Scalfani 100% Italian – 23andMe DNA Test

Is Jack Scalfani 100% Italian – 23andMe DNA Test

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Jack’s motto is “Do God’s work and He will do your work!”

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Jack Scalfani has been involved in Entertainment industry his whole life. Dj’ing nightclubs, Radio Disc Jockey, Artist Management and now Youtube Producer/Talent and has his own line of sauces, seasoning and beef jerky sold across America.


24 thoughts on “Is Jack Scalfani 100% Italian – 23andMe DNA Test

  1. Krixx Set says:

    "you're part calabrese – I dont know what that is" Typical American.. Half of you "Italian" Americans dont even know how to correctly pronounce your last names…

  2. Jojo Ohno says:

    60 % and the rest a mix

  3. DOM ITALIA says:

    70 Italian 10 African 10 other European 10

  4. J M says:

    You're just as much Italian as I am Japanese.

  5. Jack Man, Very disappointing that you didn't know what Calabrese is!? Calabria is the southernmost region of Italian peninsula right near Sicily. Calabria and Sicily share a common history, culture, cuisine, and dialect. Many Italian-Americans, such as myself, trace their ancestry to this region. My ancestryDNA test showed 78% Italy/Greece.

  6. pan says:

    You're American lmao. You can't even name the places you are "from", let alone speak the language.

  7. How to know if you're Italian or not for free:
    1. Were you born and raised in Italy?

    If yes, you're Italian. If no, you're not Italian.

  8. TED_MAUL says:

    You are 100% American and 0% Italian. Why are so many Americans ashamed of their nationality?

  9. I'm Armenian, and found out in 31% Italian!!!

  10. I'm part Sicilian and from Naples, idk how to pronounce the Naples thing

  11. I'm Puerto Rican from nyc and I got 25% Italian ,I'm still shocked.Alot of Puerto Ricans come back with some high Italy/Greece DNA percentages

  12. Jack, I got my Ancestry DNA test back today. You should get yours back anytime now. I din't think we're related 😉 I only have a little Italian.

  13. netdog713 says:

    I think you might have some North African/Middle Eastern I was really surprised when I did 23andme last year

  14. OmorfiaSTL says:

    Im Greek and I believe you have very little maybe 20% of Greek in you but mostly Italian and maybe Swedish

  15. Zia Marie says:

    Aye Paisan! I'm Napolitano and Sicilian! And Calabrese is Calabria!

  16. some combination of italian/greek, north african and maybe asian (turkish due to ottoman history in southern italy)

  17. Helene Z says:

    I'm sure you will have some European, Mid East, maybe some African and maybe 95% Italian.  Both my parents were born in Italy, when I did 23 and me  I was 96% Italian with some European, Mid East and African.

  18. CruisinMKE says:

    hoping u r 100 percent italian all the way from Bangladesh!

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