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  1. That guy that called himself a doctor that talks about that talks about haplogroups he don't know what he's talking about he hate it when people challenge him he will block them or cut off his comment section

  2. U are one hateful angry black man

  3. Lol blacks get lice too lice just prefer white people hair

  4. Do some thangs that she would like ✋??? ahch you too much im ☠

  5. blacks were nit the only people were slaved idiot

  6. which bible? i am J1 pure Semitic

  7. you not a Jew, or Israelite, Lol

  8. BROTHER I need help I've took several of the DNA TEXT -ancestry dna TEST, my heritage dna TEST, living dna TEST, gedmatch, ALL of these TEST came back with me 92% African cool I was VERY Happy so I call myself TRYING TO GET MY HAPLOGROUP FROM family tree dna y37 results and man it came back placing ME IN HAPLOGROUP "r-m269" how is this POSSIBLE

  9. 100. Europe was black (dark, mahogany skin) before it ever became white. And 23&Me has made another switch I believe. My maternal Haplogroup is L2a1a & my Paternal is E-U290???

  10. The ramblings of an insecure, self-hating Hamite culture vulture. Not a drop of middle eastern blood and this ignoramus is talking about the white man's lice. Hey bruh….go build something.

  11. Taya Lorel says:

    Thank you for sharing this message. The original ancient Hebrew Israelites (Negroes) in the Bible were black. The Most High gave them the land of Israel. The people ruling in that land today are Caucasian converts. The original Canaanites were black Africans, the original Ishmaelites (Arabs) were black, and the original Egyptians were black as well. People need to study ancient history in that region of the world and stop being so ignorant of the fact that the Caucasian Greeks and Caucasian Romans conquered and ruled in those nations for a many years. Just like they did in the Americas, now we have Caucasian people claiming to be the Native Americans. Smh

  12. damn not Pure blood

  13. LOL About them Hassidic Jews. Me neither! I thought they were a cult. And the southern baptist pastor we attended told us Yahawahshi was a dark black beautiful man from humble beginnings.

  14. The Fists says:

    You not Jewish, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi Jews are the real Jews and DNA proves it.

  15. I would like to do my ancestry DNA, but I'm concerned that it might be a lie. I feel that you have to be careful with that test. because they will tell you anything.

  16. European Makes You a better PERSON✌i Got white in me also YAWAH KNOWS. ????? – Jesus was NOT Anglo/white!!!!!!! Food for thought. Brother, Happy to See you got some tattoos!!! the Torah teaches- don't have tattoos. "OUR" Brothers in Ethiopia That YAWAH produce BEAUTIFUL Jews for centuries wear tattoos❗❗❗Did Yawah kill them because They was GOING against the Torah teachings❓Brother "NO!!!" Yawah Gives GRACE?. Saying That Encourage Your offspring Too get tattoos So- Y'all can Give living examples of The GRACE of God!!! black devil? why Your allow "THE" white devils Too influence your lifestyle❓❓❓❓❓❓"I" Not feeling Sorry For you Because you always believe – Having blackness as a skin tone is a victim's color to Have. DON'T know you personally. i kinda have some what of Your kind of attitude when it comes to Biblical Thought. Lemba people are blacker compared the black hebrews, are They MORE Jewish??? your less Jewish cause the whit devil DNA..don't make that as a excuse to BE depressed. the Bright side is. Your more privlage and Have "LESS" Hate… Go figure. Jesus Loves You❗❗❗

  17. Shalom!! I grew up being told I was african american and was a christian nearly 11 years but I always somehow knew something was wrong and I kept wondering why are we not keeping God's laws why we are not keeping the commandments and people argued with me that we are under grace we are not under the law those things are old but then I kept being reminded the Lord said if you love me you will keep my commandments and many other scriptures I started to research and dig… I found out so much! and then I found scriptures about those who the bible clearly state were brought on ships … because the bible is full of prophecy and in scripture it says Then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it. (fulfill it) ” Jeremiah 1:12 so we have to look at God's word and then look at what has been fulfilled and line up with His word what group of people fit the description of the children of Isreal?

    Jeremiah 17:4 And you, even yourself, shall let go of your heritage that I gave you; and I will cause you to serve your enemies in the land which you know not: for you have kindled a fire in my anger, which shall burn forever.


    alot of jewish people if you ask them will say we are Jews this is where we came from but Isaiah 1:2-3 clearly states ISREAL (God's People) Do not know who they are they do not consider (Think, Believe etc.) who they are. The children of Isreal are still blind to there identity and who they really are (clue!!)

    Deut 28:37 "And you shall become a horror, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations where the LORD shall lead you."

    Psalm 44:14 "You make us a byword among the nations, a shaking of the head among the people."

    out of any race I've ever known blacks have been called Negros, Niggas, Black, Colored folks, Coons, Worthless, Ignorant, Nigger etc and have been looked at as nothing, people of color, and looked down upon.

    But it's not about proving a point it we as God's people just have to accept who we are REPENT!!! and began to seek HIM and turn from our wicked ways and have Faith Keep the commandments and teach out children God's commands and how to love Him

  18. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh I've seen enough of these DNA tests to know you "black Hebrews" are truly delusional. All of you have just pure African DNA and maybe some European, maybe some Native American Indian, maybe some Asian, but all in all you are from Africa and not from Egypt and nowhere near the Near East or Jordan. In your DNA tests and even in gedmatch, do you ever see Jew, from any part of the world, in your results? Do you ever see Egyptian in any of your test results? Most likely not, just as you say Camaroon, Nigeria, etc etc. Be proud of who you are! You all are major brainwashed. My family, because I took a DNA test too, started off the Caucasus mountains and into Pakistan and Jordan, I have middle eastern DNA I have Ashkenazi DNA, I said to another "Hebrew Israelite" that Ashkenazi is unfair, because it only shows Ashkenazi which is German Jew, but, if you have Ashkenazi, at least you know you have some Jew/Hebrew in you and then on gedmatch when you take the Jewtest and others it will show all the different SEMITIC tribes you are from, even one of my friends showed Lemba tribe in hers. In DNA land I even have EGYPTIAN 6%, do you really have Egyptian DNA? Because it's not about "living on a land" it IS about DNA, if your roots are truly from there. Why not study the DNA you actually are and find out more of where you REALLY are from. You'll re-awake.

  19. fi stla says:

    Nonsense video.

  20. ? This is the funniest Haplogroup results video ever hahahaha

  21. DNA tests do not tell you where you dwelt, idiot. It's your native population group from that region. hahaha

  22. Haplogroup E is israelite

  23. Cognitive dissonance at its finest and apex.

  24. ibraheem says:

    "blacks ran europe at one time" actually the whites took you from your home in nigeria and sent you to america, where they raped your ancestors. you never had controm over anybody, my friend.

    middle easterners like me actually have indegenious middle eastern blood and our haplogroups trace back to southwestern asia, where the true middle easterners come from. so why are you, being the subsaharan african you are.. trying to claim the middle east as your own? do you have no history of your own?

  25. Yeah. Just because we see European ancestry results doesn't mean it came from white people. This is especially true for European trace regions. Thanks for stating that also great results!

  26. You have a great ethnicity combination of results! Congratulations!?✨???

  27. Your Y haplogroup is under the Subclad E1b1a1a1 which is the Horn of Africa which also has a high frequency in West Africa tribes .Equal to E-V38…E-U175 .. Bameleke , Ewe, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_E1b1a_(Y-DNA) Scroll down to the West African Tribes and down E-V38 is also found in the Americas. (U.S., etc.) Migration patterns down through the Horn of Africa was a major route.. Thank you for sharing your DNA journey that backs up your Spiritual Journey. 🙂

  28. Don't mind these devils Ahk! They're just mad and scared cause their time is running out!

  29. And yes 14 percent is substantial!

  30. That white blood you got is from the slave master nigga get over it.

  31. princeSS says:

    You culture stealers are not superior nor are you God. Come to Africa with your people and will still get the ass beating for spreading lies. Some bootleg DNA testing of course.

  32. princeSS says:

    Black people are mad haters I mean your African dude how do you not know that. You descend from slavery to the Americas and "the four corners of the earth" why you "Iserslities" try to talk like your some native all you probably do is watch videos of natives then take away there own teachings just claim it for yourselves. You claim Japanese then you claim European but without the white because your ashamed to have "devil blood in you" huh that's what it is stop talking like your some knowledgeable person when all you do is believe false teachings and claim every race and culture while calling it "Iserslities" it's like one day your saying your kings and gods but doing everything the bible is against you just claim Egyptian because of the luxury and not the fact that it was apart of there culture not material weilth . None of you even speak real language but are just learning off YouTube lol pathetic small hood minds you believe everything that's being told to them but yet can't even finish school. Smh and I'm just being honest seeing how some black communities are and me bring African I can see the lack of proper teachings.. Let alone manners . Black people are ashamed to be African it's like you claim every culture but Africa there no other place you came from dumbasses also just because a person darker in appearance does not make them black it could just be because there in the sun so stop labeling everyone black it's disrespectful to the people your taking away there cultures. stop putting confusing in your small minds yea black people where in Europe but that still doesn't change anything your just trying to spread none sense

  33. surprise surprise surprise

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