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Jack’s Results – 23andMe DNA Test

Jack’s Results – 23andMe DNA Test

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28 thoughts on “Jack’s Results – 23andMe DNA Test

  1. Maddog8148 says:

    Ciao Jack! In the end your Italian!! That's the most important thing!! Ha Ha BRAVO!!!

  2. Hey man you might wanna check it out again. They've updated their database. I am supposed to be half Italian (full on my mom's side), and got only about 25% followed by a mix like yours (more Middle Eastern and 0% African regions, though). They've renamed "Middle Eastern" to "Western Asian", and now point out that Southern Europeans can get Western Asian in their results.
    Middle Eastern was a bit of a misnomer from what I've read, because it's referring more to what we know as Eurasian than Middle Eastern.
    I was surprised by the Middle Eastern as well, so I did some research and apparently a lot of Italian-Americans, being descended from southern Italy get this kind of genetic mix.

  3. It came out I was 49% Sicilian not Italian

  4. Marco D.M. says:

    so insert "Dennis Hopper" rant from "True Romance" film .. hehe.. j/k

  5. how do you not know what balkan means

  6. My dad got 55% italian and then he got british and german and we dont know where that comes from ,we thought he was just italian

  7. My got 55% italian and then he got british and german and we dont know where that comes from ,we thought he was just italian

  8. jessnotes says:

    It sounds like you don’t know your Italian history.

    Sicilians would be expected to have some Greek (Balkan), Middle Eastern, and African ancestry. Those are typically the ethnic backgrounds that make up Sicilians (along with Italian ancestry). Some mainland Italians treat Sicilians like they’re completely different people, despite Sicily technically being part of Italy.

    Even in The Godfather, Michael’s first wife who “looks more Greek”, is “from” Sicily.

  9. JARJEES DR says:

    am iraqi I got 5% Italian whats your haplogroup?

  10. I'm Italian and middle eastern too……..I think with it being so close there was a lot of mixing. I'm 62% italian on one test and 39% on another I also had Balkan at 19% then Sardinian on another. So confusing, but all boils down to Italian 🙂 I love my heritage!

  11. MsClarinut says:

    So, in other words, knowing Italian history, this could be a similar result to a Sicilian living in Sicily. Broadly Southern European just means they couldn't pinpoint exact country, but Italy is included in that, so at that right in. Balkan is Greece, so that's not at all far-fetched for a Southern Italian. The Middle Eastern and African genetics are also common in all Southern Italians.

  12. 444suse says:

    There are lots of Greece genome among Italians especially in southern Italy. Your North African genome also was not a surprise at all. Actually i was surprise that you haven't more Scandinavian or broadly West European genome. Your Balkan genome was also quite ordinary.

  13. You're actually over 80% Italian. Your Italy DNA and "Broadly Southern European DNA" need to be added together because that broadly Southern European means that's DNA which is common in all people of Southern Europe. That doesn't mean that's separate from your Italian DNA, that's part of what makes Italians Italian as well. 23andme also gives you your Y-DNA Haplogroup and MtDNA Haplogroup so if your brother wants to know if you have the same father, he can take the test and if you both have the exact same Y-DNA Haplogroup there's a great chance it's from the same man since the Y chromosome passes unchanged from father to sons for many thousands of years.

  14. What reigon of italy are your ancestors from your results definly relft southern italy your afrian blood and middle eastern most likely came from moorish occoptied aread since moors are a mixed tribe themselves

  15. That proves that Arabs and Italians are mixed. I'm 9% italian and 2% Arab.

  16. 0.2% Middle eastern . lol The whole portion is north african and thats Somali orgin not arab E1B1B IS AT ITS HIGHEST IN SOMALIA CAME TO EUROPE BY MOORS AND IN ANTIQUITY BY EGYPTIANS


  18. Similar to mine, my parents are sicilian from Palermo and Agrigento and in my 23andme results I had 71% italian, 0.9% iberian, 2.9% Balkan, 12% broadly southern European, 0.2% broadly European, 0.1% west African, 0.2% broadly Sub Suharan, 12% middle eastern, 2% middle eastern and north african, <0.1% East asian, 1.9% unassigned

  19. very typical southern italian results 🙂 congrads

  20. Your results make sense since southern Italy was invaded by Muslims, the Greeks, the Romans, the French, and the Spaniards. Italy in general is not a country with a homogeneous origin. It was once divided into smaller countries before its unification in the 1860s. BTW, the Balkans are a group of countries that are directly East of Italy on the Adriatic sea.

  21. 61% is a pretty high percentage among italians living in Italy and with italian ancestors too! 100% is simply impossible.

  22. he's 62.1 percent italian im 62.0 percent italian……..

  23. jhumenik97 says:

    Balkan is the areas of like serbia, bulgaria, bosnia. I have a polish and slovak last name which is east europe and I found out that I had some jewish dna mixed in there, also some balkan and italian.

  24. Hi Jack, I would take these DNA tests results with a grain of salt. 23andme is not really the best answer for your ancestry results. What they do is they take a sample of "Italians" for the study and compare that to you to see how you compare to that group that they sampled, but it doesn't take into account that there own sample they use may be polluted with other ancestries hence the reason why your ancestry of Balkan is so low because it ignores all the Balkan ancestry brought by the Greeks to Italy during the Hellenic era. So when it says your 62% Italian, that doesn't actually mean that your 62% native Italian because the Hellenic Greek is included in that sample they use.

  25. Hi Jack! I just wanted to say that the 18% broadly southern european is not exclusively but does include Italy. Also my great uncle took the same test, was told he was 100% italian his whole life and when he got his results, he too got a majority of his dna from Italy, but a small portion of about 16% of his dna came from the middle east. Apparently this is very common.

  26. Lorean68 says:

    Jack, it would be interesting if your parents could take the same test to see, how accurate the test is. Well, I'm typing this, as you are speaking, so I just heard your brothers speculation of your father. Lol. Anyhow, you get the picture. Thanks for the video.

  27. Nanny Boo says:

    Hi, I've done Ancestry and 23andme. Ancestry's results were more detailed and closer to my genealogy tree. 23andme gave me a lot of broadly euro/southern euro instead of all my Italian. Ancestry gave me more than 4 times the Italian. If you're interested I recommend trying their test as well. But thanks for sharing your results. BTW my mother's Italian matches are also ALL mixed from regions around the boot, that IS Italian. 😉

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