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Jamaican Ancestry DNA & 23andMe Results

Jamaican Ancestry DNA & 23andMe Results

Results from my 23andMe and Ancestry DNA Tests
23andMe: 89.6% Subsaharan Africa, 10.2% European, 0.1% Native American, 0.1% East Asian, 0.1% Unassigned

AncestryDNA: 31% Benin/Togo, 20% Cameroon/Congo, 17% Nigeria, 17% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 9% Great Britain, 3% Africa South Central Hunters Gatherers, 1% Finland/NW Russia, 1% Senegal, 1% Iberian Peninsula


40 thoughts on “Jamaican Ancestry DNA & 23andMe Results

  1. Ms. Bowdry says:

    We may be related…..lol….we have alot of matches!

  2. Pulsonar says:

    The voice doesnt fit, like you inhaled Helium? My mother is from Black River, Jamaica btw.

  3. Aww her voice is so cute!

  4. My dear, you are beautiful from the inside out. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

  5. What a pleasing personality. She is knowledgeable and appealing. Her lips and her eyes smile.

  6. I'm from st Elizabeth ??

  7. OH Hello says:

    Wow Interesting, it shows the importance of doing your parents dna too

  8. Nissin14 says:

    That’s crazy because Haitians DNA can be traced all the way back to Benin/Togo as well.

  9. Love Your accent. Respect From Cameroon

  10. Very nice video thx for sharing. I just like and subscribe you please subscribe back and let's support each other channel. Thx sis

  11. Amazing results. I'm just like you in the sense of having Jamaican born parents. I got 90 percent African and 42 percent was Nigeria. My dad's mom was half Scottish and people are always suprised when I tell them that I'm almost 100 African. Not all lightskins are mixed and not all Africans are dark.

  12. 2016stormy says:

    At 30 yrs per generation that would be 300 yrs ago and there would have been 1024 gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr grandparents and out of them one was a taino Indian around the early 1700's.

  13. No Native American in your Ancestry. com results??

  14. Phew, I'm glad you had Finnish and Russian come up in your trace results. I thought mine were bogus when it came back with Finnish and Inuit.

  15. sexy lil mama , no disrespect !

  16. Howl 24 says:

    Gosh, you're super sweet! Love your warm voice and personality :). Great results!

  17. Buddy love says:

    Cool, thanks for sharing. Here is my DNA breakdown: Cameroon/Congo 31%, Ivory Coast/Ghana 25% , African Trace Regions 13%, Ireland 14% , Great Britain 9%, European Trace Regions 5%, West Asia 3% .

  18. Safirlady says:

    You are positively glowing my dear; beautiful skin! I'm also part Jamaican Maroon. Typically, when you have Taino or Arawak it means you have some Maroon ancestry. Keep smiling love,)!!LeSaf

  19. St ann is in the north east

  20. C Fab says:

    What type of Ancestry dna did u take ? I took the test it didn't say specifics. Just 86% European 11% Sub Sahara African… Which one says actual places ?

  21. Congolese boy here I salute you Sista from Jamrock

  22. Congratulations on finding out your from planet Earth we have tested your DNA back 50,000 generations and discovered a genetic market in common with nearly 8b ppl, amazing!


  24. I love this video and your happy personality! ❤️ nice results ?

  25. I've been watching some Jamaicans results on here and you are the 1st person I've seen with some arawak/Taino blood. that's pretty cool ??

  26. you're 100% African damn near

  27. I added you to my playlist of Afro Americans and Caribbeans that are 90% Africa and plus. You are very close to 90% so you get featured like the other two girls with 89%

  28. Midnight says:

    Hey, take the autosomol

  29. ur voice is very pleasant

  30. Afriking7 says:

    Congrats on your results, lovely video. @Lovely Sunshine you should like our page on facebook, Black West Africa Wall Street Nigeria Ltd===> https://www.facebook.com/BWAWSN/
    You should try the @African Ancestry as well, Its cool as well, you actually get to know the actual Tribe

  31. zimykk says:

    I loved your positivity throughout the video. Congrats on your results!

  32. 10% NY 5% LA duh duh 15% GB
    DNA Dope. Needs. Acceptance by giving the enemy her Genetic Codes to make a YouTube vid about Colonial Africanus property and stock…..kushites n Nubians not Africans!

  33. I am multiracial because I am African ,European ,Spanish and Portuguese ,Native American, Asian ,West Asian

  34. Great results video! ? Thank you for sharing! ??

  35. How comes you are 89% African when both your parents are 92%. Logic dictates that you should be 92%. Unless you got more of non African from one parent but at the same they yell us that we get 50% from each parent?

  36. Ito Roots says:

    Great results and great video..

  37. Curious, what was your father's haplogroup?

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