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25 thoughts on “Mailing my spit to California- 23andme

  1. BiG WoRm says:

    how much did that cost ? I want to do that

  2. du olle sau, wegen dir muss ich jetzt in englisch nen scheiß text schreiben. Danke dafür!

  3. You are so gorgeous and you have a sexy voice ! I wish I could have your spit all over my face every day 🙂

  4. Please send your spit to me..

  5. hoerslaaf says:

    your so very cute…you mail your spit to other countries ? would love a tube of your spit

  6. laquera640 says:

    I wanna join that company and help take over the world!

  7. farsight says:

    materialism day = birthday? I would guess x-mas based on the date this was posted but that's more like national consumerism month.

  8. zlyoga says:

    @CROSSBREEDxXxCroW Yea, I don't make the dreads as dense as some people do.

  9. zlyoga says:

    @CROSSBREEDxXxCroW No. It would be kinda boring. I showed how to braid one in in the video. It's just the same thing over and over.

  10. zlyoga says:

    @CROSSBREEDxXxCroW I have another video that shows a tutorial. In this video I have a mohawk and the mohawk is braided into the dreads.

  11. ooooo I love your hair in this!

  12. hah i cant believe this was a year ago already

  13. just kidding you are really cute and i like the hair

  14. trisomy 21 LOL who gets it?

  15. leesway says:

    Lol you're cute. Actually, that sounds kinda cool…

  16. ashley x says:

    dude. my personality. exactly. even the nerd thing. waaahhhh?!?

  17. cool! i wanna know what my DNA's like! haha

  18. seonf says:

    I thought you were going to mail it to miss california.

  19. a angerosa says:

    'sexy' non viene alla mia mente. o.O

  20. Ima nerd too! i wanna do this! btw you r sexi lulz if thats not award and even if it is its a compliment

  21. zlyoga says:

    Dunno if weather should be a deciding factor for college.

  22. Grrrmelon says:

    my mother got her DNA checked to see what part of africa she's from. and what other ethinic backgrounds she has.

  23. wth kinda question is that y do u have to label and judge ppl??

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