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Mixed person (Amazigh/Eastern European) live DNA results (23andMe)

Mixed person (Amazigh/Eastern European) live DNA results (23andMe)

Hey guys, took two tests from the two companies (Ancestry Dna & 23andme), received it from 23andme first and decided to share.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any question:
https://www.facebook.com/TothNadim / Instagram: n.toth_

Would definitely recommend doing this to get to know more of your background history. 🙂

Paternal Haplogroup: R-U152
Maternal Haplogroup: L1b1a

23andme Results:
– European = 59.6% (Iberian = 7.3%, Balkan = 4.9 %, Italian = 1.5%, Broadly Southern European = 13.7%. Eastern European = 13.8%, Finnish = 0.3%, British & Irish = 0.1%, Broadly Northwestern European = 1.8%. Broadly European = 16.2%).
– Middle Eastern & North African = 28.6% ( North African = 27.4%, Broadly Middle Eastern & North African = 1.2%).
– Sub-Saharan African = 9.2% ( West African = 6.5%, East African = 0.6%, Central & South African = 0.3%, Broadly Sub-Saharan African 1.8%).
– Unassigned = 2.5%

Ancestry DNA Results:
– European = 55% (Europe East = 22%, Italy/Greece = 16%, Europe West = 8%, Iberian Peninsula = 6%, Scandinavia = 3%)
– Africa = 32% (Africa North = 19%, Senegal = 7%, Mali = 4%, Cameroon/Congo = 1%)
– West Asian = 12% (Middle East = 12 %)

– West Eurasian = 64% (Balkan 46%, Northeast European = 11%: North Slavic = 9.6%, Finnish = 1.3%, Southwestern European = 5.1%, Sardinian = 1.4%)
– African = 35% (North African = 23%, Senegal River Valley = 7.6%, Mende/Akan = 3%, East African = 1.2%, Ambiguous = 1.2%)
– Ambiguous = 1.1%


28 thoughts on “Mixed person (Amazigh/Eastern European) live DNA results (23andMe)

  1. Dream Big says:

    Update: Hello guys, I appreciate all your comments, please keep in mind to always keep it respectful & loving towards each other. I've added my AncestryDNA results in the description.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. The original Berbers are touaregs in the Sahara and they are Blacks, the others in the north are berberized and mixed of ancient Semitic peoples Touaregs Arabs Turks and others

  3. Iberian means Spain and Portugal.
    Balkan means Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria.

  4. Your mom is half Amazigh half North African? Dude Amazigh are North Africans ?

  5. You do look Algerian, however I am mixed between British and Algerian and could pass for full Algerian also…lol !

  6. Habibi why are you mixed?

  7. X3DN says:

    Im moroccan brother!

  8. There are so many Puerto Ricans who look like you and it’s because we have the same ancestry. We’re told we have only Spanish, African (black), and a little Native, but we also have high amounts of Italian, North African, Jewish, Irish, Middle East, etc. Awesome! We’re very mixed lol

  9. Na Bil says:

    Where is your brother test? Want to compare haha
    Nice video bro, I'm from Morocco

  10. I’m 4% Europe South, 2% European Jewish, 1% European East. Haha I guess I could combine all of them and have 7% European? Haha

  11. You're mom's dna is stronger than your dads for sure. You look 100% north African.

  12. You look allot like a Mulatto, You could possibly pass in the Dominican Republic. Why I North African Berbers claiming themselves that they are White when they have Sub Saharan African mixed genes, and Mulatto features, and some have arabic features. Not all Berbers are Arab mixed. But allot of them are Mulattoes(Black African-White European mixed race).

  13. Berber are not amazigh. Amazigh are brown. Berber are white.

  14. Just looking at you I would guess biracial. By the way, I consider middle east Africa so add middle eastern plus sub Saharan together.

  15. 3672doug says:

    VERY HANDSOME MAN!!..I think North Africans and Middle-Eastern people are the most beautiful people in the world!

  16. Anis zen says:

    I m proud to be Arab if one day I check my DNA and I will find that I m 99.999% Amazigh or indian or Chinese . I will be proud to be Arab. Got it ??? كلكم من آدم و آدم من تراب.

  17. geerenmo says:

    Imazighen are ethnical Africans, indigenous to the continent you know…

  18. Justice says:

    gorgeous mix??

  19. yahia CH says:

    Where are you from ?

  20. wow you was so correct with your results thanks for sharing

  21. Hello bud
    I just want to tell that Amazigh “Berbers” are the ones called North African in genetic studies
    Your mom is Amazigh Berber thats all

    You are welcome to join our Facebook group : North African DNA results- Official group .

  22. zerpashmal says:

    The Southern African part could be from the Khoisan people of South Africa.They are the original inhabitants of South Africa before the Bantu East African migrated to South Africa .They are not a black people but a yellow white type people similar to Asians but with non straight hair. They are actually very pretty people .Many people dont know that they migrated from North Africa and ME more than 20 000 years ago and settled in Southern Africa. The Bantu spread out of Nigeria-Cameroon border moved into Congo and East Africa and then to Central Africa where the pygmy were the indigenous people. and from there into Southern Africa where the Khoisan ( Bushman hunter gatherers wera already settled.

  23. I would guess that Hungarians are a mix of Eastern European and Southern European.

  24. salim D says:

    I've seen 100% European
    I have seen 100% Arab Middle East
    But I have never seen in my life 100% North Africa
    people of North Africa are a mixture of Africans, Arabs and Europeans

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