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My 23 and Me DNA Ancestry + Health Results!

My 23 and Me DNA Ancestry + Health Results!

Quick summary of my ancestry + health results through 23 and Me! Some of you guys were asking me through social media and here they are! Enjoy! πŸ™‚


46 thoughts on “My 23 and Me DNA Ancestry + Health Results!

  1. Does it separate the results by parents? How do you know which results are from which parents?

  2. Mari E says:

    did your results change with the new v5 update?

  3. Steve Haas says:

    Whew. Thank God no maple surp urine disease. ??‍♀️

  4. Caleb Wade says:

    Wow I would have never thought you had African in you

  5. Mari E says:

    Just curious, so is your dad like 60% african?

  6. Vision33r says:

    One of your ancestors had jungle fever.

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  11. Painbow says:

    I watch a lot of these DNA videos and it never ceases to amaze (and appal) me how so many Americans don't know what the Iberian peninsula is. What are you doing in your schools (other than shooting each other)?

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  13. Lee M. says:

    Unassigned are extinct native American. They us LIVING PEOPLE from an area to assign

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  16. These ancestry or ethnicity dna tests are selling the modern day equivalent of selling a pet rock or snake oil.

    There is nothing in one's dna that links them to where they were born. If there is nothing in your dna that links you to where you were born, then there is nothing in one's ancestors that links them to where they were supposedly from.

    Another logical fallacy of these ancestry or ethnicity dna test, is that mental constructs can not be manifest or replicated in one's dna. Anyone beyond the age of two knows that language, culture, ethnicity, religion or life, has to be learned.

    Another logical fallacy is that an individual is only made up of a few haplogroups, when the biological reproductive process is a geometric progression of the power of two, which meaning that going back only 20 generations, there were 1,048,576 contributors to one's dna. It is ass backwards thinking that one can be physically linked to a group.

    Another logical fallacy is that an haplogroup establishes any link to one's real identity. Because of biological reproductive process, each individual is a uniquely distinct individual where each generation losing access to half of the previous generation's dna, one is only genetically related to 128 other individuals which only goes back 7 generations.

    The biological reproductive process is an evolutionary process, where no one has ever been the same or will ever be the same that can only be linked to one's actual progenitors, not some fictional mental construct.

  17. The girl has one gene (y)
    The man carries the two genes (y.x)
    The man can know his reference back to 15 thousand years ago
    But the woman's maximum is only 300 years
    If you want to know your old assets
    Do the test for your father or your brother
    Or your grandfather on your mother's side

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  19. Fam 1st says:

    These tests lie massively

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  25. Angel Lee says:

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  26. abdi ahmed says:

    hello , just for u know 23andme is a makeup test to african people in east africa so that give them more percentage of african blood and give them more in north africa,, so when they did the ancestry test all of them were highly white and they start complaining ,,, so 23 and me its all hocked for african continent more ,, just for explaining ??

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  30. KEL7000 says:

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  31. Joe Smith says:

    With all the raping and pillaging that went on hundreds of years ago it's no surprise that almost everyone alive now and lived over the past few centuries are mixed.I found out I was 16% Spanish,but even more surprising was Scandinavian and Russian heritage!!!

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  37. panoC97 says:

    The countries in the Balkans are the following: Greece, Albania, Fyrom, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia aka the Southeastern European countries. France is not even close to the Balkans.

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  39. $99 for Ancestry by itself, $199 for Ancestry + Health together. I don’t think you can get the Health part by itself. But they have a deal going on right now!

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