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2 thoughts on “My 23andme ashenazi & DNA Fit results

  1. Typical Ashkenazi Jew autosomally, congrats. Your paternal haplogroup traces back to the Near East, as expected. Your maternal haplogroup however seems to be of European Hunter-Gatherer origin.

  2. purplecorn says:

    About your 0.2% Yakut and under 0.1% Broadly East Asian estimates: DNA traces of East Asian ancestry in Ashkenazic Jews @ http://www.khazaria.com/genetics/aj-east-asian-admixture.html

    Meanwhile, your 0.3% Middle Eastern, under 0.1% Broadly Middle Eastern & North African, and under 0.1% Broadly Southern European estimates probably result from a few distant Sephardic Jewish ancestors.

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