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My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results!

My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results!

Here are my 23andMe results! Go ahead and guess my race/ethnicity before you watch!


23 thoughts on “My 23andMe DNA Ancestry Results!

  1. I’m doing this in July and I have always been told I’m half German half Irish and maybe a little Native American but what American or Canadian isn’t told that tale lmao

  2. I’d say Latino with some middle eastern and some Germany or Irish
    Edit: I was very wrong lmao

  3. My guess…East Asian, Native American & Spanish

  4. My guess is Filipino and Mexican mostly with some Chinese, Thai, and Inuit/Yupik

  5. I guess Asian and Native American

  6. Not amused says:

    indigenous american

  7. Kai says:

    I'm guessing hapa

  8. Lions Den says:

    You’re Native American Latina and Asian

  9. That’s awesome ❤️❤️❤️ I’m Cambodian too . I think Thai and Cambodian are the same because they come from the same ancient kingdom… Cambodian are mixed with Indian heritage , most been native which would be Polynesian/Melanesian or Australasian DNA

  10. Kat Ritter says:

    I say Native american .. .. of Mexican decent, with possible Asian.

  11. Naya S says:

    I’m guessing you are Native American or Caribbean??

  12. Dragonfly says:

    You look some what southeast Asian, want to see how mix your daughter was "picture"

  13. Asian and white and spanish

  14. 3.5% French&German can mean 35% german because Europian people move around a lot since ancient time and if you send samples from France people or German people the results will be like 10% French&German for those French or German people you have sent. 23 and me try to break down into many groups because people want it to be that way(people who pay the money love it), it is business mix with science. And let me tell you a fact, Cambodia is indiginous people mix with 5% from south Asia( India or Srilanka). People from southern Thailand has exactly same DNA with Cambodia and people from central Thailand is half bleed between Cambodian and Laos.

  15. camae62 says:

    Cambodian or Khmer were not originally came from India. But they got the religion and culture that influence from India such as the Buddhist religion.

  16. camae62 says:

    Cambodian, Thai ( Siamese ) , Vietnamese , or Indonesian DNA probably are almost identical and that's why they can't break it down to any pacific country or countries.

  17. Marady Mon says:

    It sucks that it doesn't break down the countries for Southeast Asia

  18. You’re gorgeous girl ?you’re who you’re nothing else, you have a beautiful and unique human being. Thanks x sharing ?

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