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my 23andMe dna results + SCREENSHOTS!

my 23andMe dna results + SCREENSHOTS!

Sample Process: 1:32
Results: 4:10
Genetic Health Risk Reports: 4:28
Carrier Status Reports: 5:38
Raw DNA Browsing: 6:21
Trait Reports: 7:09
Wellness Reports: 9:30
Ancestry Reports: 14:09
Connect with DNA Relatives: 16:23

Pros: Trustworthy and legitimate science. REALLY cool test results provided (see video for specifics). Browse raw DNA. Find, locate, and connect with DNA family members. Compare DNA results with friends. Ease of providing saliva sample; no blood. Find if you are a carrier for a genetic condition.

Cons: Long wait time (I’m impatient!). No test for misophonia.


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11 thoughts on “my 23andMe dna results + SCREENSHOTS!

  1. Austrians are Germans.

  2. definition of a white woman , just prefect?????

  3. groove269 says:

    I wanted to clarify something. Did you just say you grew up a boy? And how does this differ from ancestry DNA kit?

  4. Super glad that you made a video for this! I miss your gorgeous being. Also I am glad you did this because you are a scientist and I love seeing you really break down the different health aspects.

  5. And whare do you have DNA Huns Avars ?

  6. This is a really cool test! I definitely want to save up to try it out, and I am so curious to see what my results would look like!

  7. I agree, it´s really cool and nicely done <3
    I somehow doubt it that they will separate Austria as an own region in upcoming updates, because it´s pretty mixed up. At least depends on from what part of Austria the rest of your family is…Balkan could be as well "from" eastern Austria (lower Austria or Vienna) as there was a lot of migration during monarchy (and before/after)…just saying …because I tried to trace my austrian family back and ended up in (todays) Czech republic and Bosnia 🙂

  8. panoC97 says:

    Your Austrian part is under the French & German (and probably Italian, too) parts and your Hungarian is under the 5.1% Balkan and 1.9% Eastern Europe that you have.

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