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My 23andMe Health Report Update: ALZHEIMER’S???

My 23andMe Health Report Update: ALZHEIMER’S???

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My 23andMe Health Report Update is in!

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Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!! https://youtu.be/ef30KOiffcM

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13 thoughts on “My 23andMe Health Report Update: ALZHEIMER’S???

  1. emifitch says:

    I took 23 and me years ago. I don’t remember getting the email that you showed. It’s possible I received it but instead of reading it I deleted it due to the amount of junk mail I get. I accidentally found out today by logging in. I actually logged in because a conversation at work about someone buying the package for their sister. I logged in to show them what it looked like and what it told you. Because like you I did not have any of the other traits for diseases I was confident that I would not have parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Like you mine said that I have an increased risk. I wish I didn’t click through and find out. It did scare me a lot. However your attitude and video helped to calm me down.

  2. What's the difference if I just get the $99 one & run my results on promethease?

  3. I can relate, the problem is I love sugar, especially chocolate, and that is suppose to be very bad if you are trying to avoid Alzheimer's. Just because you have the genes/chromosomes, doesn't mean you will get it. Good luck!

  4. carlabody says:

    I prefer to know. My Mother has Alzheimer's. If there is something I can do to decrease my chances of being affected, I want to do what I can to decrease the risk. At least I'll be aware of my need to prepare and "get my house in order".

  5. Alli, I deeply appreciate your DNA reportage.

    Which firms give, in your estimation, the most comprehensive technical coverage of genetic health risks? And do you have a website?

  6. judelp49 says:


  7. amma adu says:

    Yeah I just got my results back today from 23andme. It says that I carry sickle cell trait and have a slightly increased risk of late onset Alzheimer's disease 🙁

  8. ecochetti1 says:

    Hey Alison, great video! lots of good information. I am with you, i would rather know, and for someone as young as yourself, you do have time to change things in your life. I think you had used both ancestesry and 23 dna. which did you think you received more information from. i loved the health information. Take Care! Love, Edie <3

  9. Alzheimer's disease scares me.

  10. Thanks to your video I just ordered my ancestry dot com DNA kit and will be ordering my 23&Me test eventually!! Later on I will also order African American Ancestry Kit!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! I will make videos on my results too❤️❤️❤️

  11. I also have a slightly increased risk for Alzheimer's! To worry or not to worry?

  12. Hi Alison! Have you tried "Family Tree DNA"? You have an opinion on them? Thank you!!! Keep making this cool videos 🙂

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