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My 23andMe RESULTS! A bit Less than I Hoped For…

My 23andMe RESULTS! A bit Less than I Hoped For…

Is 23andMe worth the pricetag? In this video, I Review my own results and talk about what I expected, and what I got. I ordered the Genetic Testing Kit and the Health Report Kit from 23andMe

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13 thoughts on “My 23andMe RESULTS! A bit Less than I Hoped For…

  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the overview you did of your report. You did a great job. Thanks.

  2. It would be interesting to wrongfully answer all those 156 Questions then send in your DNA and see what results you get back.

  3. rXn -iwnl- says:

    Epigenetics can't be predicted as they change due to an individual's environment.

  4. Ta ha says:

    Sexy voice by the way

  5. Ta ha says:

    Are you from New York?

  6. John Labus says:

    I also have one grandmother who was Croatian but my DNA didn't zero in on that at the percentage levels that I expected. We don't all get the exact percentage of DNA based on percentage. Kids of the same parents can have different genetic profiles based on how they received their genes from their parents.

  7. I'm 100% native American, cool to see you have native ancestry.

  8. Alan7997 says:

    23andme didn't pick up Iberian in me at all. I then took the raw DNA data and uploaded it to various ancestry tools online and Iberian came back for every one of them, between 9 and 17%. They also picked up A significant amount of Finnish – 6- 11% as well that 23andme didn't pick up either.

  9. Croatia is considered Eastern European and Balkan. The Balkan and Eastern European ancestors are likely your great-grandparents, or reflects 23andme's division of your grandmother's DNA. Oh, and Finland is totally awesome. Minรค opiskelin suomea yliopistossa, ja haluan matkustaa Suomessa.

  10. iberian ..don't forget Portugal… ๐Ÿ™‚ the navigators of the world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Interesting video, thanks for sharing. I'm still waiting for my results!

  12. Nice video. We have the same paternal haplop group.

  13. how long did it take for results to come back?

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