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4 thoughts on “My 23andme results UPDATE!!!

  1. So how long did it take for them to update your results ?

  2. Ernest G says:

    Troy is this you from Biodiversity? I see you have done a couple of videos of Afro Salvadorans, good job…although you know it took me days to get all of those pictures in that forum, but I am glad you still researching this subject.

  3. Ok I'm seeing now, you just now showing the changed results from November 2013, when I saw "update" here I was like "what?", I'm seeing now.   This is speculative, (the last 23andme video was standard) what did you get for standard with that "Southeast Asian"?  Hopefully the next update will have more Southeast Asian samples so the "Southeast Asian" results we get will be taken away.

  4. You done anything to help spread word of the African Ancestry Project? https://www.23andme.com/cohort/africanancestry/

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