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My 23andme Review (African American)

My 23andme Review (African American)

This video is My 23andme Review (African American). Visit my Special Link for 23andme! Start your Journey Today! http://amzn.to/2gpC8Ci

*Note* The intention of this video is to share my results as they pertain to my African lineage as a decedent of slaves here in North America. I am proud to be African, and not in any way disappointed in my results. I made a few annotations to the video to highlight the increase in my African DNA Result percentage as well as to clear up my poor choice in a word that was used. I used”Abnormally High” as descriptor in this video. The wording should have been “Unusually High” to signify the fact that compared to other African Americans I had less “other” admixture in my family. This is a GOOD thing as it allows me to connect to culture, link back to my African Origin easier, etc. It also shows that my family was not in the U.S. comparatively as long as other Africans, thus there was less opportunity for race mixing. This too has been great being that we are able to, through research, pinpoint more specific information such as the places my ancestors were born here in the states as well as what ship they came in on, etc. I hope this video is an encouraging one that will motivate other African Americans to have their DNA tests done and to learn about their African history as I am currently doing. As African Americans, we have to reclaim all of our history and culture. Start your journey today, and motivate others to look back on what made you who you are today! Thanks for watching!


17 thoughts on “My 23andme Review (African American)

  1. Your haplogroup is 120000 years old … Wow… Thats amazing… I'm African American too and we need to really read about our haplogroups and the ancient women we are connected too…

  2. Marc E says:

    I'm black, i don't get how tf i got a south asian mt haplogroup

  3. Marc E says:

    Not that much higher than the average which is 82%

  4. Their sample sizes are too small. Need a larger one.

  5. sa06smith says:

    It looks like they don't give you a personal breakdown of which specific country in Africa your ancestors are from (instead of a general region). Is this true or did I miss that part of the video.

  6. awesome. I'm gonna make the purchase now. I need to know where I'm from. White people took this from us.

  7. Di Dxpeo says:

    Is there any pure blooded blacks anymore ??? nahh , i'm just kidding .

  8. lelechim says:

    Qualifying people with African ancestry can take part in this project with 23andMe and get a free kit: http://www.23andme.com/cohort/africanancestry/

  9. Sounds as if though she's slightly disappointed in the lack of admixture in her bloodline, and the abnormally high african dna.

  10. Abnormally high??????????????????

  11. Right now until 6/15 Ancestry has a sale for $89 and there is a coupon for free shipping.http://www.retailmenot.com/view/ancestry.com

  12. Do you plan on also doing Ancestry.com's Ancestry DNA sometime? Right now they are the only ones who (thanks to having the Sorenson database) have enough of a diversified West African database (though it could use improvement, more references and sampling) that they can break down combinations of countries, like Cameroon/Congo, Benin/Togo) 23andme actually has more West African samples, but most of those are from Sierra Leone and Yoruba as you see.

  13. I have sent a message to well over a hundred West African U.S. residents about the free project, mostly on Facebook. Only a very small handful,like maybe 4, told me they would check it out. More told me they were not interested and the overwhelming majority just ignored it.   They do not understand the significance of it. Either they don't care that health research will not benefit people of African descent because few Africans have been involved, or they are scared that the company is going to do something else with their spit like create a biological weapon from it, even though there is no chain of custody. I wish there was someway we could get at least a few of them to understand and care enough to do it, it is just spit and it would really benefit people of all West African descent if they did it.

  14. There are only aroud 450 West African samples right now @2:45 I really hope that enough West African residents have enrolled for the African Ancestry Project. https://www.23andme.com/cohort/africanancestry/    It would not only (greatly) improve our ancestry results, it would also help our health results (though 23andme does not currently give health results because of the Food and Drug administration thing). The health results right now are only predominantly geared towards Europeans right now because it has mainly been just Europeans involved in the research.

  15. Thank you for sharing your results. As AA I like seeing as many AAs as possible do these tests.  But not to troll, but you do realize @ 1:29 that the "East Asian  (southeast Asian) and Native American" results, is most likely a false positive?      I believe if an AA has at least 1.5% of either Southeast Asian or Native American on 23andme, then at that point they should consider actually having that ancestry (although very distant). Any thing less may not be actual ancestry (though just about everyone is going to claim that the "Native American" result is real ancestry, but no one claims the "southeast Asian" is real).  

  16. Very interesting. My cousin is very dark skinned and also took the test. She turned out to be 15 percent european and 84 percent african and 1 percent native. I guess the european genes  vary  a lot from person to person.

  17. Nichelle J says:

    Interesting,how your maternal lineage was stated to have been from East Africa but in the breakdown it shows you as all West Africa but then in the more detailed view or program analysis it showed the Luhya "Kenya" as your second highest match so that kind of explains the relation but I would've expected more variation in the breakdown.

    Have you had any success with the family finder and other features?

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