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23 thoughts on “My Ancestry.com Results : Also comparison to 23 and Me

  1. Mari E says:

    Ancestry cost me 59.99 plus tax. Came put to like $67 after tax and shipping and handling

  2. youre jewish mazel tov

  3. Kiki Lula says:

    Your wide spread results may come from a caribian ancestor.

  4. This was a great video .I did my test with 23andme then I had both my parents done with 23and me .That also changed my own results in percentages they gave me. And once my parents results were with mine each cousin /relatives showed if they were from my mom's side or my dad's side . I also found a 3rd cousin that way . You are definitely right thouh about the vagueness of 23andme . I find I am still on the old 23andme so I do not know if they have changed it in the new 23andme
    the countries were very vague n my results from all regions !!!. well first I do know where all my asian ancesters are from . Sending it to a genetic dna testing company in china . It was great it established I was definitely majority chinese and what 23andme could not figure out ..it advised of the 3- 4 other ethnic chinese tribes besides the southern Hans that we know of ….and also Japanese . My mom knows her ancestry is german and white but 23and me states british and then dna land stated finland ? The family paperwork says Germany so now that has just left a question mark . As for african same thing .. all it shows is west african …to me that great its like saying I come from north america . the mayan native indian did not show in 23andme in my mom's it showed as 2 percent and then when I sent it to wegene ( the asian testing company ) it did show mayan in both me and my mom .so all these discrepancies can definitely get one confused

    I am now on the wall . I want to test my husband …. but 23andme its.256 (CDN )plus shipping and ancestry is 100 (CDN ) less then that ..lol

  5. CeceAri says:

    Very interesting results!

  6. maybe each parent's family tested each with a different company so their DNA is in different data bases

  7. osiruskat says:

    East Asian, Native American and Polynesian are tied together.

  8. I enjoyed it also (obviously) — particularly your calm tone of voice and non-egoic presentation, which made it easy to focus on your words…More important than your DNA, you appear to be made up of kindness, serenity, and patience! Are you a teacher?

  9. Enjoyed your video! Amazing results within your makeup.

  10. You should read what the Moorish Science temple has to say about your Asiatic DNA.
    Your native American DNA could be higher. in other words your so called Native American DNA may be higher than we realize as it should be combined with your Asiatic DNA

  11. The reason you didn't get any information from your fathers side is that females have two X chromosomes. There is no way for them to determine your paternal lineage unless your father takes a test, you send it in, and link them together. Also, your results are going to vary per test because one may have a larger focus group than the other. For example, ancestry.com & 23& me compare your results to other people that have taken the test as well. The more people that have taken the test, the more accurate your results are going to be. This is why the tell you they change over time.


  12. Loni Harr says:

    I have been waiting on a comparison like this!

  13. …and you have such a pretty smile….it came from somewhere!

  14. Thanks so much. I want to know which one in which to spend my hard earned money and get good results.

  15. you should check out AfricanAncestry.com

  16. lct7192000 says:

    Try gedmatch.com. I think you will find the results are broken down even more. It's free to download and you'll find relatives you may not have found in 2e&me or ancestry. You'll feel more satisfied with the results I think. I was.

  17. I found out that they have been scamming people.

  18. Mike Pitts says:

    African Queen u r beautiful

  19. Gedmatch.com is free you have to download your raw DNA profile from either site and upload it to fed match.com ?

  20. Congratulations to you on your New knowledge of your Results! Ancestry does pin point the country which gives you a relief. 23and me is great also. You get your Haplogroup, and medical information etc. Different Database sometimes give a little different results or completely different results. Both have their pros and cons. That was a good comparison of the two companies. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Shea Mc says:

    Iberian Peninsula was my highest for Eurpe as well. When I did my research I didn't really like the 23&me results, there was a lot of "broadly" and not a lot of breakdowns, so I went with ancestry.com. You can check out my video it's posted. Nice results!

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