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8 thoughts on “My Ancestry Test

  1. You look Lebanese or Italian (Mediterranean).

  2. Hah! I guessed the Spanish right, but I thought you were mostly European otherwise 🙂 I assume you have a Mexican parent/grandparent as that's usually the native-Spanish mix. Your North African probably came via Spanish as they were ruled by Moors for 500 years (in part). The Caucasus/Mid East could be a Lebanese ancestor like you say, although Sicilians usually have small amount of Mid East ancestry due to the Arab occupation for 200 years and more ancient links to Phoenicans/Anatolian Greeks.

  3. Hey344442 says:

    I guessed italian simply because you look like lady gaga

  4. tiluriso says:

    My guess is Italian/Greek/Sicilian/Crete, definitely a South Euro, Pan Mediterranean, perhaps West Asian vibe happening, I haven't watched your results yet, later!

  5. I will try it I think you look Italian more than anything though lol

  6. big 5150 says:

    team lebanese here! woot woot! lol

  7. JOT says:

    Damn I see how it is..

  8. Anxiety says:

    Have you taken the ancestry test ? If so were you surprised by the results ?

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