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MY DNA RESULTS !!! | 23andMe

MY DNA RESULTS !!! | 23andMe

Hey guys!

My brothers and I look at my DNA test results!!

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19 thoughts on “MY DNA RESULTS !!! | 23andMe

  1. Special South Vietnam..most of them mixed with Chinese !!

  2. I'm Vietnamese I hate that I have Chinese in me fuck you China

  3. Almost all Vietnamese in the north got Chinese Gene.

  4. Kuan Gerry says:

    Vietnam used to be part of ancient Chinese empire, should not be surprised that your ancestors were Chinese citizens.

  5. Just to put things in perspective because a lot of people are misinformed:
    1) There's no "Vietnamese" ancestry group. Vietnamese people are migrants from China and other parts of East Asia. Very old group of people lived in east asia are known as "native americans". Every Vietnamese person has a large Chinese DNA because that where their ancestors migrated from.
    2.) You have 0.1% European DNA. Since every generation you lose 50% of the DNA and 50% is passed to you, this means that your 0.1% European DNA is about 10 generations ago.
    3.) Lets say that each generation lived to 50 years old. That means that your 0.1% European DNA (10 generations) came from 500 years ago.
    5.) A lot of Asians claim "french" ancestry but realize that we are talking 500 years ago here. That's a long time. For example I'm south Asian (nepal) and I have 2% European DNA. A lot of people have 1-2% European DNA (expected because of colonization) so its nothing out of the ordinary. East Asia was not as heavily colonized/settled as heavily as other parts of the world so East Asians typically have 0% or <1% European
    6.) Basically you're 100% "Vietnamese" because a lot of Vietnamese people share the DNA percentages that you have. I hope this calmed you a bit and helped explain the results that you got!

  6. Ben y says:

    I am from Chinese. After went through the video, when I look at you I can tell you look in some way Chinese and also Vietnamese. The DNA test is amazing.

  7. Tuan Mai says:

    Chinese is a broad category. Southern China and northern VN used to be called Bai-Yue (Bách Việt) before the Han Chinese invaded from the north (Yellow River). If your DNA results point to southern China then you are still Việt.

  8. Your eyes look Chinese. Have you ever learn the Vietnamese history before? 80% of Vietnamese are mixed with Chinese dure to the 1000 years of China colonized and dure to many of the China wars, made millions of Chinese move to other countries.

  9. You guys have the funniest reactions. Were you guys shocked? I was somewhat shocked. The southeast Asian part is not just Vietnamese.

  10. have u asked your parents?

  11. You look straight up Chinese but not Vietnamese

  12. You don’t look Vietnamese at all.

  13. T Theories says:

    Lol I love you guys reaction! It was cute and funny. Y'all were like, "Mom has some explaining to do"

  14. When the South African popped up she shut the whole thing down lol

  15. Blue Blaze says:

    The dog in the background is gorgeous

  16. AW8 says:

    Wasn't Vietnam invaded by China multiple times throughout its history? So, Chinese DNA probably should not be a surprise, if you take history into account.

  17. Arsenal K says:

    Vietnamese are Chinese! In Southeast Asia only Malays, Indonesians. Philippines and some thais are austronesian.

  18. Jed Huang says:

    DNA result did not lie to you.

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