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My MIXED Ancestry results!! (23andme)

My MIXED Ancestry results!! (23andme)

Hey everybody I decided to share my ancestry results with you! Let me know what you think! This is my first time doing a video on myself, so…. yea… o_0 / If anyone is wondering I’m 21 years old.


10 thoughts on “My MIXED Ancestry results!! (23andme)

  1. Bob Marley was half German.

  2. Cool
    Your results are very similar to mine. But I did it with ancestry.
    My mom is from Puerto Rico and my dad from Jalisco, Mexico.
    Africa 8% (Africa north 2%)
    Asia south <1%
    European 52%
    Native American 30%
    Middle east 9%

  3. Varoon says:

    Probably the most mixed person I've seen on YouTube

  4. I'm Mexican & I got 19% African & 64% NATIVE American & 14% EUROPEAN. Check them out on my channel ??✊?✊?

  5. What's up bro? It's good to see people who are happy to be African. Welcome to the family manIto!

  6. spanish, african, and native american.

  7. That's cool af man. We have similar features I wonder if I have a similar mix. I'm waiting on my AncestryDNA results.

  8. So I recently transferred my raw data to FTDNA and these are my results.

    44% European
    -18 % British Isle
    -15% Southeast Europe
    -11% Iberia

    31% New World
    -31% North and Central America

    13% African
    -13% West Africa

    3% Middle Eastern
    -3% North Africa

    The remaining percantages are trace results from 7 different areas in which ill do another video on later.

  9. Cool results. Seaford town in Jamaica is known for having people of German descent. Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFeETh7pKRk

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