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  1. It's good people are revealing the year! Because Europe was Black between 711A.D. – 1600's …

  2. Y'all are cute. Thanks for the video

  3. It was so funny how excited you got when you found out you were related to Jesse James until you found out who he is.
    I love your bubbly personality, you ladies were so much fun!

  4. You two just made my day. ?

  5. vytae9 says:

    So… being of European origin isn't interesting to you
    I guess as someone from the us you've got no clue about having culture
    Funnily enough you'll be treated like shit if you ever got to a muslim country, they treat others like worthless dogs, glad you happily joined their club
    Muslims hate Jews you better hide, in my country they gunned down jewish kids (under 10) in front of their school gate because
    Allah Akbar!

  6. Sam Ke says:

    I don't understand how can they know the Jewish religion from genes??? Isn't that somehow cheesy?

  7. I wanna do this!!!???

  8. So you're a European white lady. And a Jewish muslim. Antichrist material ???

  9. Lions Den says:

    As-Salaam-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barackatuh ladies

  10. SiJaeJee says:

    A regular use of cannabis is showing amazing results with alzheimers

  11. i am so interested to do this but then i am not it is alittle weird to do it i think

  12. Livelive says:

    OMG! there's a little brown space Alien in between you.

  13. ReviewCam says:

    Mazel tov on being Jewish but yikes on Jessie James LOL

  14. ReviewCam says:

    Your dog is so cute, he wanted to be in the video

  15. So, What’s wrong with “A lot of white”?…be proud of who you are.

  16. Where did u get ur scarf?is ur friend from arabic country?

  17. You should download your raw DNA and upload it to Gedmatch. It's free and you will be able to find other cousins. I did my DNA test with Ancestry and I have found lots of cousins. P.S once you upload your DNA to gedmatch post your kit number from Gedmatch and I will check my Gedmatch to see if we match as cousins.

  18. I am Native American but according to ancestry.ca I am 41% native American and the rest is multicultural. I have ordered one for my husband and oldest daughter. I am more interested in the 23 and me DNA kit now. I will definitely wait until it’s on sale to order 3 kits

  19. Jackie B says:

    pink hijabi looks fully white European

  20. Mary'sGold says:

    It's so upsetting when people get disappointed when they find out they are European.

  21. Ignatius says:

    If you download the raw DNA data, and go through SNPedia for specific genes you can just ctrl + f and find the rs#s and allelle positioning and know anything from the health stuff! And then some. It's easier than you'd think 🙂

  22. This is so cool!! I️ got a DNA test a few months ago people have always mistaken me and my mom for Hispanic, and I️ always had a feeling I️ was Hispanic as well. My mom always thought she was 75% Italian and my dad, 100% Italian. I’ve heard so many story’s from my mothers family about what we could be, and her father is much darker than an average Italian, although both my mom and dads family are from Sicily and calabria. I️ got the test back and I️ was SHOCKED. Only 52% southern Italian, and 22 percent west asian!! Which broke down into 6 percent Middle East and 15% Caucasus , (Syria Iran Iraq Armenia Azerbaijan) , 6 percent jewish, 15% Scottish, 6% West European, 2% North African, less than one percent Iberian and a tiny bit of Eastern European. I️ was so shocked, West asian? Whattttt!! My last name is Gianotti and I️ have super curly, dark hair, but I️ wasn’t expecting that!

  23. Lori Shaw says:

    Everyone should have at least <.1% African because we all originate from Africa

  24. Their health reports arent worth it its super inaccruate

  25. LOL dumb fool convert to babaric cult "religion" braindead

  26. I have dementia on both sides of my family as well but I do not have the gene for it.   However, I did have severe apnea which was surgically cured using a jaw advancement surgery. As per my neurologist cousin, lack of oxygen as per sleep apnea can cause dementia due to the lack of oxygen to the frontal lobe of the brain.  My unsolicited and careful advice is to have a sleep study and outrule the possibility that you may have sleep apnea. Both of my parents had sleep apnea, which is hereditary.  My father died from dementia and my mother is living without awareness of who is around her, in full dementia. Both had sleep apnea.  Just something to look into.  Since I do not have late onset alzheimers as a genetic component we attribute the alzheimers in my family to the sleep apnea and lack of oxygen for both my parents, who did not do cpap and were not surgically corrected for this disease.

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