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Our DNA Test Results and Ancestry from 23andMe

Our DNA Test Results and Ancestry from 23andMe

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21 thoughts on “Our DNA Test Results and Ancestry from 23andMe

  1. 23andme was very accurate and spot on in regards to our ancestry reports. The only incorrect medical trait that they reported was the detached/attached earlobe. GEDmatch is also really informative, but WEGENE seems to be accurate solely for people with Asian ancestry and DNAland came up with the most ridiculous results (almost as if they'd just rolled dice to come up with our ancestral regions).

  2. This is kinda dumb to say your medical dna hope your insurance is not watching

  3. Pretty couple. You are sweet.

  4. My brother got 0.00% African, so, there had to be a marker somewherein your DNA for it to show up.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentines day.

  6. They have a pretty small database sample of 2 million (slowed down because of FDA restrictions…and probably cost and privacy concerns.)

  7. Bori/Domi says:

    I see Master Yoda in the corner the force help me to spotted him…

  8. My 23&Me test says I am likely Lactose tolerant. Real world experience says I am NOT lactose tolerant.

  9. These are questions in the survey… So they might be going off your OWN answers…

  10. Wow cool so you can go as biracial it only take one drop to make you biracial

  11. very interesting what were your ancestry haplogroups just out of interest ? ☺

  12. Lynn C says:

    23andMe got the photic sneeze reflex wrong for me too . I got it from my dad and passed it to all of my children and all my grandchildren .

  13. Osir8 says:

    Whats your Haplogroup?

  14. Great video! what camera are you using? cheers…(I just saw your gear) thanks

  15. Bard Gj says:

    What Christina has is not native american! Probably she has a distant Scandinavian or Eastern European ancestor. They have traces of Siberian blood from Sami people or Lapi people and shows there as Asian or native american because is similar

  16. Like Jordan, I am told there is a bald spot. I can’t see it.

  17. We want more vlogs sucks not watching them

  18. Remember "not likely" means that there is a low chance but still a chance it will happen, and "Likely" or "very likely" is a high chance you will, but you still may not. Therefore if you see a "likely" and it didn't happen it wasn't wrong, you weren't that way against the odds.

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    But the concept ‘sub-Sahara Africa’ is absurd and misleading, if not a meaningless classificatory schema. Its use defies the science of the fundamentals of geography but prioritises hackneyed and stereotypical racist labelling. It is not obvious, on the face of it, which of the four possible meanings of the prefix ‘sub’ its users attach to the ‘sub-Sahara Africa’ labelling. Is it ‘under’ the Sahara Desert or ‘part of’/‘partly’ the Sahara Desert? Or, presumably, ‘partially’/‘nearly’ the Sahara Desert or even the very unlikely (hopefully!) application of ‘in the style of, but inferior to’ the Sahara Desert, especially considering that there is an Arab people sandwiched between Morocco and Mauritania (northwest Africa) called Saharan?

  20. They just found out they are brothers and sisters, welcome

  21. I think I would be afraid to take the test, I better leave happy not knowing the truth ? thanks

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