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Piper and 23andMe!

Piper and 23andMe!

I have been thinking about it for a while now, but today is the day I ordered my 23andMe Kit. I will keep you informed of everything I learn during this quest. You never know I might find out that Charlotte is not my twin sister!

Do you know your heritage?


34 thoughts on “Piper and 23andMe!

  1. Send your DNA to three different companies and you will get three different answers. So if you didn't get the results you wanted keep trying..lol

  2. es-tu déjà venue en France? 😀

  3. Love the t-shirt and love you, piper, ️

  4. I Love that light blue t-shirt you have on Piper. #1 fan here. I would love to help you with it. Such a sexy lady. I could simply snuggle up behind you all night. You would wake up with a smile on your face. Then I'll fix you breakfast.

  5. Jack Oden says:

    You are the best ?

  6. I've never noticed the collar lol

  7. Don't eat thai food, poutine or spaghetti before the test or you'll be analysed as a thai-quebecquer-mexican

  8. im addicted to your video


  10. Hii hola saludos desde mexico 🙂

  11. ö. . , says:

    That shirt. I wonder how many even noticed there is a sentence.

  12. That's cool because I just got my results back about 3 weeks ago and found out I'm Italian, British and Irish. I had no idea because I was adopted at birth. I'm very happy with the results. Especially my gf. Lol.

  13. Seb Seb says:

    Beautiful mesdemoiselles

  14. Aha, aha, aha))) this girl seems to have somewhere in her head ICQ installed

  15. what does the smaller words say

  16. Your small waist just blows me away!!!

  17. Kalevipoeg says:

    Lovely shirt….and yes, I clicked because you are attractive and for no other reason. Wait. I'm married. Why am I watching this? Oh, right. I'm also human.

  18. MrT-Rex says:

    I think Charlotte needs a master too 😉 "ah huh"

  19. Tj Cherry says:

    there's two of her?

  20. Your skin is absolutely astonishing, smooth and clear; I love that! You also have my nose, I love that too!

  21. durnodurno says:

    Whats does the small print say?

  22. Fiouce says:

    i love your work, you've helped me through alot

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