Home DNA AncestorPREDICTING OUR BABY’S GENDER!!! (Everleigh doesn’t want a baby brother…)
PREDICTING OUR BABY’S GENDER!!! (Everleigh doesn’t want a baby brother…)

PREDICTING OUR BABY’S GENDER!!! (Everleigh doesn’t want a baby brother…)

Are we having a boy or girl?! Comment below what you think! Thanks to 23andme for sponsoring this vid! Learn more about your personal DNA story by going to http://23andme.com/colesav
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26 thoughts on “PREDICTING OUR BABY’S GENDER!!! (Everleigh doesn’t want a baby brother…)

  1. Cole&Sav says:

    What do you think we’re having!? We find out in one month! WE’RE SO EXCITED???

  2. I'm South African, Irish, American, Jewish and Viking

  3. I think you are having a boy.

    With my first two (girls) I wanted salty food. Third (boy) I wanted sweets and fruit.

    As for heartrate… our son threw us off because his was high too. I also got most sick with my son.

  4. If it's a boy you won't have to share your toys with him?

  5. U are having a girl l

  6. I’m with ev. Boys are bleh

  7. The mom look/ 19 and the dad looks 20

  8. I usually am almost always right when I guess genders for babies in my family and I bet shes gonna have a boy like everyone is guessing as well lol

  9. It’s apricot as in app

    that my wish;_;

  11. do not send your DNA cause people say that they keep your DNA samples to sell later on in the future for the money??

  12. I think it’s going to be a girl, but I hope it’s a boy for Cole ?

  13. Mia Mika says:

    Can your a boy friend
    Be nice
    Because I like him

  14. Ains Liy says:

    I think you guys will have a girl.. even though you got more boy than girl

  15. I have subscribed to your YouTube channels you are so cute I watch your videos every day so please do me a shout out

  16. I am sad ? I wanted a girl ?

  17. Pls be a girl ??????

  18. when will you guys be with Jojo

  19. I can’t until the gender is revealed. And I can’t wait until the baby is born ?❤️

  20. My mom did almost all those tests and we now have a four month old boy. She was very sick and was on bed rest too.

  21. Little Everleigh, God gave me 3 little brothers. I begged for sisters but God wanted me to have brothers. I love them with all my heart and love to play with them. No matter what gender the baby is you will always have fun with them. Love you all! God bless! P.S Savannah, I pray for you every night?

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