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RESULTS – Sibling 23andMe DNA Test

RESULTS – Sibling 23andMe DNA Test

We finally got the chance to make a results video for you guys! We had a few differences and one major similarity. Check it out and leave a comment below.

*My bad – I said our paternal haplogroup was E1b18 but it’s E1b1a :).


37 thoughts on “RESULTS – Sibling 23andMe DNA Test

  1. Respect From the Tikar's OF Bamenda<Cameroon

  2. You brother looks more black and you more white thats cray!

  3. w leonard says:

    Are u both satisfied with the returns or did you prefer another read out?

  4. P Htwr says:

    So what made your brother want to attend Prarie View?

  5. P Htwr says:

    Prarie View….my father's school in Prarie view, Texas

  6. Did the test link you guys as Half Siblings?

  7. interesting..I also have H mtDNA haplogroup..it is the most wide spread group in europe..my y chromosome is J2 or RB1..one of those..
    interesting mix did your parents meet in the US..or the only other meeting of these two haplogroup would be in Iberia during the Islamic occupation?

  8. Funny how people think that brothers and sister will get these drastic results but science has proven that the differences are usually only between 1 to 3 percent with three being the rarest.

  9. You're an Hebrew Israelite by blood Sis. Not an African-American. The Hebrew Israelites or Jews (Judah) are God's chosen people of the Bible sent to America on cargo slave ships. The slave trade of the 15th century was ? Biblical Prophecy.

  10. Lezlie my love…I saw your Ancestry.com Commercial. Congratulations…EXPOOOOSURE!!!!

  11. Nice brother and sister but they look nothing a like.nice results,

  12. cool I just seen you on tv ancestry commercial how did you get setup with that

  13. Hey You are on the ancestry commercial, aren't you?  awesome

  14. Congratulations!!!

    You are both blood descendants i.e. children, of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob.

    Peace and blessings!!!

  15. i just saw u in commercial for ancestry.com

  16. we're you on that dna commercial?

  17. Pharaoh C says:

    He kinda look like DJ Clue

  18. Ahora ya says:

    So Multiracial and essentially mulattoes with over 40% European.

  19. He has slightly less African and you have slightly more Neanderthal – that's very interesting.

  20. Oh shit I just realized, aren't you that girl from the ancestry.com commercial?

  21. PVAMU Stand Up!!!!
    Texas To The Heart!!!
    Yo Brother is fine…..he can get it! He single?

  22. he looks more white too

  23. A Mitchell says:

    Black College Pride, I see you!!!

  24. E1b1a is found in "African-Americans"…West Africans…mostly…some East Africans and South Africans like the Khoisan and Zulu. E1b1a, like it's sibling E1b1b, is originally from East Africa and both are descendents of E-P2, which originated in Ethiopia.

  25. fi stla says:

    i watched all your dna videos, so cool. gives so much information on how dna works. adding your brother into it, gives another component into the mix!

  26. Ito Roots says:

    Great information and We enjoy ur videos. Much blessings

  27. It is funny I swear you look more Asian lol. Your brother looks more mixed with just African and European. Great results I was so excited to figure out what you guys were mixed with.

  28. VERY COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I am going to do this with my family..

  29. that's interesting! thanks for sharing. my sisters and I need to do this.

  30. it's no surprise it's always the east Africans(Kenyans , Ethiopians, Somali) winning in long distance runs and West African descended people tend to win in sprinting …genetics is crazy

  31. I don't get it.

    You guys are full blooded siblings but your geneology results vary slightly? I guest the tests aren't that really accurate

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