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Revealing my 23andMe DNA Results!

Revealing my 23andMe DNA Results!

My Day: Jul 20, 2017

Hey! Remember the time when I sent my saliva sample to 23andMe https://youtu.be/g6_7cWNXWg0? Well here’s the long awaited part 2 of that video! I also share my results below 🙂

Have you taken a DNA test too? Let me know in the comments!

My DNA Results!
Ancestry Composition – http://bit.ly/2ulK0gp
Maternal Haplogroup – http://bit.ly/2tz2kG0
Neanderthal Ancestry – http://bit.ly/2uSPZMX

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9 thoughts on “Revealing my 23andMe DNA Results!

  1. The Xcomer says:

    Hello Bernie, did you use the post office to get the kit back to the lab?

  2. Allie S says:

    Now upload your results to Wegene.com for a more detailed ancestry report.

  3. Axei mash says:

    Why do you have a depressing face in every thumbnail

  4. Welcome to the family sis. We can work wonders with that 1.6 %

  5. SELINA says:

    Did someone notice the big foot in the background?

  6. I did my DNA ancestry test with 23 and me and my results are that I'm 49.6.asian.my mom is filipina.my sub Saharan African is 43.3.my father is black.my European is 6.7.british,Irish,ashkenazi Jewish and Iberian.my Neanderthal variants is 118.❤️?

  7. Arya Tama says:

    Teochews will be have a lot of southeast asian ancestry. Before the Qin and Han invasion, Guandong was part of Southeast asian culture.

  8. Daisy Wong says:

    there was an African slave trade in Guangzhou during Ming Dynasty. Are you Cantonese or Fukien, southern Chinese? they often have some 12-15% Southeast Asian compared to other Chinese

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