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Sharing My 23andMe Results! (Filipino/Mexican)

Sharing My 23andMe Results! (Filipino/Mexican)

Here’s a little walkthrough for anyone wanting to try 23andMe, my experience with it, as well as what I got.

Not to worry, I’ll have another UrbEx video up shortly.

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10 thoughts on “Sharing My 23andMe Results! (Filipino/Mexican)

  1. Your Mother is really Full Mexican? How she scored 20% British/irish?

  2. He has black in his DNA and totally ignored it. That mentality sure came from his Filipino side!!!!!!SMH!

  3. he sounds like he's not happy with the result lol

  4. Im an American with Filipino,Peruvian,Spanish and Chinese descent.I got my DNA result from 23and Me.My bloodline does not define me as a person nor do I have to claim any race for me to feel validated.All through my life I've been surrounded by Europeans and Latins and more often than not I get compliments about my looks.I've broken many a hearts in the past mostly Euopeans and Latins and i regretted it.I don't have to be this and that to be a beautiful person.I just have to be me and I'm happy with that.Beauty is not a monopoly of one race.I see beauty in every race.

  5. New Spain says:

    Filipinos should be kissing Mexican ass for passing our superior blood to them you are 39% Superior im also full Mexican and im 70% European 26% indigenous and 4% african.

  6. Your mother must be one of those white Mexicans …. If you tested 39% european then she is approx 78 % european which is an awful lot…. If you look at youtubes Mexican dNA results most Mexicans on youtube have a larger Indigenous reading between 35 – 58 % Indigenous, and a Sub Saharan African reading ranging between 5 – 12 % with european dNA trailing between 25-50 %… Your mother's family probably arrived in Mexico after 1864, and didn't seem to mix much with colonial blooded Mexicans . .

  7. zeuperm says:

    What is your maternal haplogroup? You never got to that part. Is it A2? B2?

  8. Mark R says:

    Nice results! Is your mother 100% Mexican? Because you have alot of Northwest European ancestry and I am wondering if maybe you have a grandparent who might be of Northern European descent….

  9. myohmyli says:

    Awesome! I'm half Filipino too, I wanna get this test done sometime, when I have the money to buy it. ^_^

  10. Im filipino/egyptian i was born in italy but raised in the philippines my parents stayed in italy but they broke up my dad left. I grew up being filipino and not focusing in my arab side. People tend to look at me like im somewhat different and theyre right people can be racist but its ok cool video sorry for my bad english im not good at it 🙂

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