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SHOCKING 23 and Me DNA Test Results!

SHOCKING 23 and Me DNA Test Results!

I received a 23 and Me DNA test as a gift and let my son take the test for me. His results shocked me!

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18 thoughts on “SHOCKING 23 and Me DNA Test Results!

  1. beannie says:

    why does your son look so high

  2. he is truly mixed with a lot of different cultures!

  3. He must be the president of the world because he is from everywhere. that awesome …

  4. You look like Coco from SWV…and your son is cute….looks just like you

  5. Woah!! Your son is literally from around the world!!

  6. FYI, blonde arm hair isn't necessarily related to European ancestry. Many people with dark skin who are not European have blonde hair on their body and head.

  7. Etosha B says:

    Aweeee Jaison. I love when he speaks ????

  8. that unassigned is probably aliens i have it too mine is 1.0%

  9. He looks so much like you 🙂

  10. I had mine done. I'm 3% African! Your son is adorable!

  11. Typically the blonde body hair darkens as you get older. At least that's how it was for me. I still have blonde hair on my arms but other than that most of it turned dark brown or black.

  12. John Gold says:

    The only thing he doesn't have is penguin!

  13. Great Results video! What was his paternal and maternal Haplogroups? Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  14. light skin,hair and eye color are mutations in the gene that produces melanin,this is why some Africans are not the not all the same complexion when discounted environmental effects,whites became white as a result of albinism becoming fixed in their population the same is true for Chinese type people but the have a different versions,race mixing is not needed to explain color differences just different versions of albinism.

  15. Ali B says:

    awww!! ??????

  16. quaysha1 says:

    lol that's crazy my kids have that blonde fuzz all over them too. a nurse practitioner told me it was some type of eczema lol of course I didn't believe him.

  17. Huitzilli says:

    cool he is from all over the world..

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