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6 thoughts on “SHOCKING RESULTS! Part 1/2 23andme results

  1. Pc Master says:

    he looks like my nephew

  2. that is so cool that your mom is central american…my dad is central american…just to clarify…the natives in El Salvador are Aztec from the Pipil tribe although they have largely Mayan influence. Great test results.

  3. I love you guys in this video and your results were interesting, but I really feel the need to mention that North Africans aren't black. They're clearly not white, but they look nothing like Sub-Saharan Africans (people from Nigeria or Ghana for example). North Africa has been inhabited by the Arabs for more than a thousand years, so that's why 23andMe groups North African with Middle Eastern in the DNA test (not sure if you noticed that). I'm not trying to sound like an annoying know-it-all, it's just that so many people seem to think everyone from Africa is black.

  4. British & Irish, French & German and Scandinavian are all really hard to tell apart. I would argue that the reason for this is that they all essentially came from the same population initially and since then, the "pot" of North Western European genes has been slowly and gently but steadily stirred. If you were able to test one or other of your parents you might be able to get a little more clarity – but I wouldn't guarantee it.

  5. If you're not satisfied, try Ancestry. com

  6. Midnight says:

    Hey, aww leave him alone girlfriend. Look I went out and got you a symbol to celebrate your Test. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/47/8e/56/478e56fc8daeb380553255a1b58e13dc.jpg I hope you like it LOL. I just had to it's a disease lol.

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